Hello world!

It is with great pleasure that Don and I (that’s me, Sandi!) welcome you to our baby blogging site. That’s right… I said baby. Like a mini-child. INSANE! And as surreal as it is (to me, at least), we will be welcoming our first sweet little child in February of 2012.  And being that most of our family and friends are geographical mapped all over the country, we wanted to share the love and excitement with this lovely blog  as we prepare to welcome a new Thomsen to our lives.

As of today, I am four weeks and five days pregnant (let’s not get too specific, shall we). My numbers have been taking off like a rocket, which is the most calming feeling as we dance through this first trimester game. Tomorrow my numbers get checked again and a week thereafter our ears will melt with the beating of a heartbeat. We cannot wait.

Daddy-to-be has been spending time earning a million amazon points to buy baby everything. He also sits around just staring at me with a glow in his eyes… definitely something he has wanted and something he can’t wait to share with me for the rest of our lives.

So we welcome you on sharing all the fun through our pregnancy and then in February we look forward to introducing you to our sweet little baby Thomsen.

Sandi (and Don!)


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