Feeling a Little Pregnant

Without a showing baby belly, morning sickness and all those other female signs of being pregnant, I have spent the last two weeks or so going back and forth about whether I’m really pregnant or not. Of course those thoughts are just ridiculous –  all tests point to positive and all my numbers (from the doctor’s office) indicate I have nothing to worry about. And then there was tonight… my first yucky belly feeling. Blah.

Don and I attempted to celebrate our future with dinner at Bob Chinns. For anyone that doesn’t know, Bob Chinns is a wonderfully, delicious seafood restaurant that is not cheap and nearly always has a wait of an hour or more on a Saturday night. Tonight, we waited to get through their 2 lines before being seated. Of course, it was at the end of the line when the nausea hit me. Without a second thought, I looked at Don and I sadly explained we needed to go home. The amazing husband that he is, he understood. Sadly, that wasn’t the end of the his understanding for the night.

Fast forward to our drive home where we passed a Cheesecake Factory. Tomorrow we have a lunch party and we’re the dessert people, so we stopped to pick up a cake. Don convinced me to try to see if I would be up to eating there, and again we waited to be seated on a busy Saturday night. At least twenty minutes into waiting I realized my stomach was just not going to handle anything. Again, I had to ask Don to take me home, just after the hostess mentioned we were two minutes away from being seated.

So the signs are starting, and as yucky as the stomach feels, it calms my nerves in needing to feel pregnant  to confirm I’m pregnant. But the best confirmation will be Friday, when our first ultrasound will reveal a heartbeat. Til then…


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