Hormones… are no joke.

Belly aches have been coming and going, and funny enough I like to use it as an excuse to sleep in an extra 10 minutes and ask Don to feed the dogs because my “stomach is too weak”.  Ha. (Love you Don!) But in reality, I know I have it easy, thus far, as most friends I’ve known have been plenty ill by now. My Mom and sister never had morning sickness, so perhaps a cracker here and there will keep all calm in my world.

What I have been feeling is, well, hormonal. I know that’s sounds too normal and boring, but it’s funny how quick and easy it is to turn on the waterworks. Out.of.Nowhere.  Don finds humor in it and I don’t blame him. I’ve also been feeling quite sentimental and all lovey. Now’s a good time to ask me for favors.

Tomorrow, I am expecting to receive three, large packages from my sister in New York – maternity clothes, boppy pillow, linens, bottles and more! All to arrive exactly at my six-week mark. I love everything baby and I especially love borrowing everything baby so we can save our money for diapers, a college education, a birthday car for his/her sixteenth birthday, braces, you know – all that fun stuff (wah, wah). It’s too bad we can’t borrow a college education or braces, too. But really, I’m super excited to open these boxes, unload said baby things  like Christmas morning and psych myself up for mommyhood.

We have also posted our guest bedroom furniture on craigslist to sell. I’m eager to paint the baby’s room (before and after pics to come), but I think the removal of a very large dresser, mirror, queen bed and nightstand will help in that process. We’ve had some lookers, so maybe it’ll be on the move this weekend?! One could hope! And I also purchased a smallish wood dresser from craiglist that is very dated but has a beautiful shape to it. It needs love, and I need a summer project. So once I strip the varnish off of it (worry not, we’re using the safe for pregnancy stuff), I plan to prime it, paint the drawers shades of aqua going from dark to light, bottom to top, with white on the top and sides. This will work wonderfully in our desire to keep the room fresh and bright with white furniture and a spot of color here and there. I’m definitely going through an aqua phase.  I also want to keep the room with natural elements, so I purchased a long, thin, white birch log I plan to use to hang drapes and perhaps add a little stuffed birdie here or there. I hope that doesn’t get too girly when we end up with a boy. Ha.

Those who are aware we are expecting keep asking me what I think we’re going to have. Other than answering “a baby”,  I never realized in the years I asked others that question just how odd it is to answer it. How can you say you “want” a boy or girl when you have a 50% chance you will end up with the other? Does that mean you don’t want the other? What I do know, is that I want a baby. Boy, girl, whatever gender, I just want a sweet, little, healthy wee one. Do I imagine seeing a little girl bopping around with dark brown curls acting like her mom did when she was that age? Absolutely. Do I see Don outside teaching our son how to throw a football and then take him to every Brewer game we could possibly attend. 100%. These are things that make me smile.

Anyways, like I said – tomorrow marks us six weeks pregnant. This means our baby is the size of a lentil. I don’t normally like lentils. It’s funny how things change. 😉


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