Maybe baby?

Yesterday was kind of one of the best days of my life… you know, minus having to work on crazy big projects, the headache and tiny bit of nausea. But really, it was yesterday that Don and I embraced our future and realized we really are going to be parents.

For those who don’t know, and without getting into specifics, our ability to get pregnant was through the help of fertility treatments; however, these same treatments came with a very big caveat. One in five women who use this fertility treatment give birth to multiples (2+). After months of joking that if we had four or more we’d move back in with my folks, I finally realized the potential in this and made Don stop joking about this possibility. I strongly believe if you put it out in the universe it will happen. And four babies is not something we are prepared for. Hell, I’m just getting used to the idea of being prepared for one!

So back to yesterday – our first ultrasound. Getting into the car to head out, Don finally admitted that he, too, was nervous. Nervous to see nothing, nervous to see too many, nervous that this was actually real. We had no idea what we were in for. Some people at six weeks can see/hear a heartbeat. Others, like us, found that all we could see was the amniotic fluid and yolk sac. So we saw ONE, very clear, very healthy pregnancy.  Excellent. It’s been about 24 hours, and even now, I can still feel like I’m glowing from excitement.

But there was another little spot we could see in the ultrasound. It was a little smaller than the obvious pregnancy, but very near it. It didn’t have a visible yolk sac; however it could still be too small. So we were told this was a maybe baby. If it’s not a baby, it’s a blood vessel, but we have to wait another week to know.

Either way, we’re having a baby. Maybe two. How blessed are we? Feeling lots of love today.


One thought on “Maybe baby?

  1. I’m an so happy for you both! And for the rest of the family! I’ll be Buck & Linda are just jumping up and down! My friend is pregnant…due at the end of August…and she talks about all the nesting she is doing…and you wrote about the baby room furniture…oh my…nesting is starting early for you! Well, one day at a time I wish you wonderful good feelings…in the midst of the morning (or evening) sickness! Take gentle care…Love & Hugs…Aunt Penni

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