Baby Photos, Take Two

This morning Don, myself and my lovely mother met with the high risk OB team over at Lutheran General. I am officially in love with my doctor (in the “I trust him to delivery our babies and not let me die” kind of way). So there we have it… a doctor. Kind of a big step after meeting some loonies at other hospitals. And it’s nice that the hospital isn’t too far from our house and being that we’re looking for an end of January, early February birth, it’s a benefit when we have the blizzard that will inevitably occur.

The babies had a second day of showing off their fluttering heart beats. They measured somewhere between six and seven weeks, so I have no idea where I am anymore on the timing of things. I was told February 9th for the due date many times and though that date was mentioned today, it was also mentioned for February 14th or 15th as well. I know – Valentine’s babies. And yes, that’s super sweet, but based on the fact I’m high risk and that we’re having twins, I will be planning my birth vs. doing anything au natural. We’re almost 100% going to have a c-section due to the risks and the fact twins are usually not both head down. And the docs want to go into the birthing process with us in a controlled setting. So because of all that fun stuff, I get to come close to picking their birthdays out! I’m all about less risks right now and more control.

I did have my first scare today when the ultrasound technician questioned the size of Baby B’s amniotic sac. She called in the doctor to have a look and even though that yes, now, I’m a little concerned, she scared me straight into accepting (mentally) that we’re having twins. Now that I’ve seen the heart beats, I will not be happy unless I leave the hospital with two babies.  So as you can see below, Baby B (at the top) definitely has a smaller amniotic sac than Baby A; however, the doctor did assure us that both babies measured the same in size and both hearts are beating at a solid 120 bpm. Technically, we have nothing to worry about. Definitely something to watch and it might be that one amniotic sac is a little small and one a little big, but it’s too early to tell if there is something really wrong. In the meantime I’m going to daydream about being a Mom of two in a few months and let myself just think that the big one is the Thomsen gene and the small is the Slesnick.  😉

Our babies! Twin B at the top and Twin A below.

Alright, off to relax and start our uneventful weekend…  Hope you all enjoy yours!


One thought on “Baby Photos, Take Two

  1. Well, it’s been a busy day for you! I am sure everything will be just perfect. I am praying for you guys too:-) I love the baby pictures! Have a great evening and just enjoy this time!

    Aunt Diane

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