A Little Habit for a Little Someone

So, I have to admit that I LOVE to shop. And long before Don and I were ever expecting I would always come across the cutest baby things (well, okay, all baby things are cute) and I would purchase them for friends and just be so excited to gift them. There is nothing better than to give someone I love with something I loved. Until I got pregnant. Then it became fair game and all of a sudden finding things that I loved were now, well, for me!

Today I went to Barnes and Noble to meet a perfect stranger who was buying tickets to a concert Don and I decided not to attend. Not only can I not keep my eyes open past 7pm these days, but we recognize that money should be set aside for diapers and toys and not silly things like busting a move in 90 degree weather, no matter how good the band. Not to mention we are booking our babymoon/my 30th bday week away for this fall this weekend. So money on concerts are now a thing of the past. But anyways, while at Barnes, I met this lady who bought our two tickets for a little over face value and paid us in cash. But when we were working out the details on where to meet, etc., she asked why weren’t using them and I mentioned it was because we are expecting and trying to be more responsible with our money. So not only did this fabulous stranger show up with the money for the tickets, but also with a big cake saying “congrats” for the pregnancy and giant thank you cookies from Deerfield’s Bakery. If anyone knows a good bakery in this area, it is definitely Deerfields. YUM! I sincerely have not met a kinder stranger in my life, other than the ones I once referred to as strangers but now call our dearest friends and relatives!

But back to the shopping part, of which I have completely digressed from…

Don and I have had this fascination with building this giant library of children’s books for our kids to run to as they grow up and for us to read to with each night. Don’s maternal Grandfather was a librarian who had a wild collection of children’s book for him to read as a kid and is quite possible the one thing that means the most to Don now. He would like to be able to provide the same for his kid’s one day. I too, took fascination of books as a child, but mostly for their wild illustrations, which prompted my desire to draw and paint (even on the walls and ceilings – sorry Mom!). Not to mention I can still remember my sister teaching me how to read from Green Eggs and Ham all by myself. The word “because” was my sore spot. But yeah, for the last couple of weekends Don and I have been scouting out some book stores here and there for some cheap finds to build this enormous collection of books to house somewhere in the baby’s room and allow it to kinda get us even more excited for the future (if that’s even possible!).

After the wonderful exchange at Barnes and Noble on the concert tickets I happened to browse the 50% off marked down collection of books – both adults and kids – of which had games and stuffed animals and the like. That’s when I found this guy:


I don’t know if it was the colors or the cuteness of this sweet, little elephant, but it was on sale, in need of a home, and had to come with me. Immediately.

I had never heard of Elmer before, so I quickly ran up to the kid’s section and asked a sales lady if the elephant went along with a children’s story. And that’s when she introduced me to this:

The original Elmer's Book!

Still, no clue who Elmer was. But I read the story and ingested all this amazing cuteness about Elmer fitting in his elephant world with his wild colors compared to elephants of average color and him just being a silly little elephant with a silly little heart. And here I found not only this great story but this amazing little stuffed animal so vibrant in color to go along with it. I imagine our little boy or little girl just grasping this sweet stuffed animal, standing on top of the stairs, asking mommy or daddy for one more bed time story of Elmer to put themselves to sleep.

I had just gotten home and google’d Elmer because I feel like I’ve been missing out on a whole world of cuteness. And I discovered there are a zillion Elmer books! Elmer’s Weather, Elmer and Friends, Elmer and Colors, Hide and Seek Elmer, Elmer and Rose, Elmer’s Special Day, Elmer Takes Off, Elmer’s Pop Up Book, Elmer and the Hippos, Elmer and the Rainbow – not mention in multiple languages. I mean, who wouldn’t want Los Amigos de Elmer?!?!

I’m just so happy right now to have something so sweet and so simple and something I would imagine to bring joy into our baby’s heart like it does ours, now. That, or I’m overly hormonal and the silliest of sweet things is just putting me over the moon.

Oh, and I also found this little sweetheart who now has a home in our home:

Pat the Bunny!

Of course to go with the classic book, Pat the Bunny.

Shopping for baby is fun and is simply the best thing to shop for, ever.

One thought on “A Little Habit for a Little Someone

  1. How fun!! I must tell you that William had a huge collection of books including Pat the Bunny too! I have every last one of them. William read at a very young age and I even numbered & dated everyone of his books he read starting from 4 years old. What you are doing is great! I know a lot of people use the library because books can be quite expensive but if you can afford to start a library that is a smart thing. To this day William has tons of books and still loves to read. He is even reading Harry Potter over. He first read it when he was 8 years old. Now I know what to get you guys too!!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Aunt Diane

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