Looking Ahead…

I’m kinda addicted to other people’s blogs that are all about crafts. I oogle over the stay-at-home Mom’s ability to plan their child’s birthday party with pristine homemade decorations to match the homemade cake that matches the curtains and the pillows, which she just happened to have time to stitch from scratch and throw on the walls and couches within a day. And don’t even get me started on the goodie bags! I’m not even talking Martha Stewart, or really the Martha Stewart wannabes. These are really average Moms, who I envision would be no different from me, if it weren’t for the fact that they somehow find time to do these amazingly wonderful artsy things for their kiddies out of love.

Well, so I don’t have a kiddie yet. And any excuse to do wonderful artsy things for kids would entail giveaways to friends with babies or kids I once babysat for. Even then, I get too lazy and limit the gifts created by the one and only. But I’ve been having fun going to the craft stores the last few days and picking up a few goodies to start a mini-project for our soon to be baby. I know it’s early and I know I really need to start practicing patience. But I’ve seen so many friends with babies and every month, be it on facebook or through mass emails, I get the “Little (insert baby name) is 1 month!” or “Look who’s 4 months today!”. And every, single, picture if freaking adorable. But when I remove the subject line or tag, I would just see a cute little drool face that could be any age. So that’s why I created these:

It’s a sweet little “medal” that will safety-pin on and the glittered numbers will velcro on and off for each corresponding month that needs to be changed. I will have pictures for a lifetime that I can safely attest to a certain age!

The above pic is for when we have a sweet, little girl. And should we have a boy… well I’ve prepared for that as well:

My first official duty of a perfect Mom’s art project – complete.

Now, what do you think?!?

Update:  Just in case you think I’m making this up, here is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Mom’s who make everything… like a wreath. From plastic spoons. From plastic spoons!

SPOONS! (she screams, with hands on her head, shaking it back and forth, back and forth)…

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