Please, take a seat.

 Tomorrow morning I get to see our baby. Ultrasound numero seven. Seems like a lot for only being 11+ weeks pregnant; however, each doctor’s visit never gets any easier. I think tomorrow’s has me most tense as our last was with the devastating indication of baby B being gone. I’m really hoping to see growth and this beautiful life to give me some solid peace of mind that baby Thomsen is doing well and all my future visits will not create this wicked tension buildup I seem to be experiencing today.

The one thing I do know how to do to take my mind off the serious pit in my stomach is to keep busy. For me, lately, it’s been with artsy stuff, such as creating those number badges and then today, this:

Grey = Wall Color

I’ve been day dreaming about how to create our baby’s room… which led me to figuring out furniture I’m going to want. I have a lot of friends with babies who have a glider in the baby’s room and whenever we’re hanging out in there, I’m sitting on the floor. I know when our baby comes I’ll want to hang out in the baby’s room with Don if he’s doing the feeding and I really just don’t want to sit on the floor. Plus, I see the baby’s room becoming a really fun room for him or her with tons of fun play things. So I think since there’s space, a little loveseat would be cute, but I just can’t decide which is ideal.

I haven’t moved the guest furniture out of the “baby’s” room yet, or rather, I should say, Don hasn’t. It will eventually find a home in our basement, but then that requires us moving some bookcases and exercise equipment around down there. I also need to set up my home office in the basement and needless to say, moving the guest furniture will require lots and lots of planning and way more work than I want to take on right now! I also don’t want to paint the baby’s room while all our guest furniture is in there, but I cannot wait to get started.

So, before I continue to digress, the couch has a little importance in being a secondary place to sit with the rocker in there; however, do I want it to simply be the white loveseat that is just that – a loveseat? Or do I want the chic grey loveseat that flips out to a bed, which our friends and/or family can also sleep in without having to be in the basement? Here are my concerns: Each couch only comes in the colors as pictured. I visualized grey walls with white furniture and then vibrant pops of color for the baby’s room.  And though the walls are going to be grey I don’t think they should darken the room too much with the window and big skylight shining down to light hardwood floors. Essentially we’ll throw a bright rug down to also catch some of the light. But will the grey couch with grey walls be too much? The only reason we’re looking at either couch is because they’re both under $200 (going cheap!) at Ikea. I’m not expecting either to be amazing quality, but at the end of the day, it’ll be a great place to just sit (which I like to do) when hanging out with the baby.

And then, without trying over-think it all, should I just do completely naked furniture without prints? I love prints and color, but I don’t want to lock myself into a $500+ glider that’s bright pink if we’re having a girl, only to have to recover it or buy a new one when our next child happens to be a boy. So I like that the Little Castle glider has a really nice print on it and it remains neutral, but again, do I want to bring another dark color into the room? I have already picked out aqua/silver-ish drapes and some aqua/white throw pillows to bring in color. I might need to just go white for everything and accent color everything else. Oh… I don’t know…

So tell me what you think. Seriously. Is any of this ideal? I don’t know what my needs will be as a mom, so I can only guess at this point. I just know I can’t wait to get my hands on some decorating! (My wallet can already feel the sting!)

But most important, I should really, really, keep in mind that this baby room is for the baby, and not me!


4 thoughts on “Please, take a seat.

  1. Well I would so go with a print glider:-) I love making a statement. The couch is a great idea if you need a place for someone to sleep. If you have to do the couch I think you can make it very fashion forward. I would just get 2 amazing pillows with a bright fun print. You can also put some amazing stuffed animals on the couch too:-)

  2. I totally agree with Diane. I love the print glider. And the idea of a love seat is wonderful. Good luck!!

  3. Ditto on the print glider. And the one you posted is fairly unisex. Be forewarned – it will get dirty/gross. Things leak on babies – they leak a lot – and they get on the glider. 😉

    I’d suggest getting a sofa/sleeper if possible. Or even a chair/sleeper. Some moms will camp out in the room at night to make it easier to get up for feedings. I was never that mom 😉 But, we have on occassion put the oldest in the baby’s room so guests can sleep in the oldest’s bed. We had a futon in the baby’s room – so nice and convenient! And, you are correct about having a place for guests. You will probably have a few (just a few 😉 ) early on. And they can sleep there and potentially help you with the baby at night.

    • Thanks for all the advice (everyone!) I should have mentioned while talking about extra beds that we do have a couch in ou living room on the first level (downstairs from our room/baby’s room) that pulls out to a queen sized bed. That could work for guests, in addition to the queen size guest bed we’ll have in the basement – which is finished, so it’s not like a yucky, moldy basement to sleep in. So other than just our big couch to sleep on, we already have room for up to 6 guests to sleep on at once.

      In terms of wanting to sleep in the baby’s room, I should have mentioned that the baby’s room is literally across the hall from our room… 8′ from door to door. I don’t feel like I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my bed with the baby that close, so I don’t know I would pull out a couch in there to sleep myself.

      I’m starting to think more and more I should just go with whatever couch is comfortable, ideal, affordable and works best for our room vs. what would/will work best for potential guests that would already have a place to stay. Does that seem ideal?

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