Little Baby Thomsen

Today has been a beautiful day. I have seen a beautiful picture of a beautiful life that will be all the beauty that I will ever need in this world. Simply amazing.

I had feared today’s doctor’s visit for so many reasons, but have found that only the best has come from it. Not only did the ultrasound show a baby and not a smallish blob-like thing, but we were able to make out so much of the baby that it finally feels real and because of that, I’m going to sleep better tonight than I have in the past 11 weeks. As you can see from the above picture, we have a beautiful, little profile showing an eyelid, a nose and some cute little pursed lips. At one point, he/she raised its little fist as it lay floating and I could actually see a little hand and an elbow joint. AH-mazing.

It’s insane to see so much detail in such a tiny thing. Baby measures around 2″ in length and there’s already so much detail, I cannot get over it! And we received such wonderful news from the doctor, so here are all the details for those who care (and you know you care!):

In the above picture, you can see a small arrow pointing to the skin around the baby’s neck. Doctor’s measure this skin and also the bone on the nose to indicate whether they can see signs of down syndrome. I was told that it’s somewhat early to see such detail; however, they were very impressed to see what they saw and gather the measurements they received and the doctor feels confident that our baby will be healthy from that standpoint.

Of course there are a zillion other health issues that can present themselves throughout this pregnancy and there is a test called Chorionic villus sampling (CVS), which is usually done at this point in the pregnancy. It is a prenatal test that detects chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, as well as a host of other genetic disorders. The doctor takes cells from tiny fingerlike projections on the placenta and then sends them to a lab for genetic analysis. It’s an invasive test; however, it would give us early results on what to expect, before waiting out time for an amniocentesis. Ideally, I thought this test would be something our doctor would suggest and I went into the appointment preparing to set up an appointment with a professional who ONLY does CVS tests. But with the risk of miscarriage about 1 in 200, our high-risk OB (who is the BEST) indicated it wasn’t necessary at this point. I really thought that between the chemical pregnancy we had months back and the miscarriage of baby b, this would be a test to have; however, I learned that the test can pick up the abnormalities of baby b that we already lost and we could get some false positive results. The test really wouldn’t give us any answers, nor provide any help  in planning for the future (other than finding out the gender a few weeks early).

There is also a nuchal translucency screening test (also called the NT or nuchal fold scan) that can indicate the baby’s risk of having Down Syndrome and/or other chromosomal abnormalities and/or heart problems. Again, I had planned on having this test, as you can only do it up to 13 weeks, 6 days pregnant. Again, our amazing doctor indicated it would not be necessary due to what they could see today on the ultrasound and that again, it could pick up the abnormal results from baby b.

So there are two tests we don’t need to worry about and the doctor is very confident neither are necessary due to what he could see on the ultrasound. The one test we will have is on August 31st, and that will be the amniocentesis to rule out any chromosomal problems, including spinal bifida. We are not having this test to make a decision one way or the other as far as how we’d progress. This is more of a test to add to our current commitment in providing the best life possible for LittleBabyThomsen. And that includes knowing what to expect, healthwise, and prepare for LittleBabyThomsen’s life.

I also should point out that the doctor is confident we are past the possible miscarrying phase. Anything after 10 weeks is good in his eyes and every week his confidence for us grows more and more. LittleBabyThomsen measured at exactly 11 weeks to the day today and we are technically 11 weeks, 4 days along, so anything within 5 days of the due date is healthy. We’re right on track.

Baby’s heartbeat was 160 beats per minute (great number), as seen here:

You can also see LittleBabyThomsen at the top – I indicated where the head is and so on. But here is a better layout showing details of our sweet little baby:

Le sigh.

 So, I think that is all; however, I will leave you with this little fun conversation Don and I had upon reviewing the pics…

Sandi: So, look at our little girl!
Don: Um, it’s a boy. See (pointing to baby), no pigtails.

Now off to eat. This momma-to-be is HUNGRY!


One thought on “LittleBabyThomsen

  1. YAY!!!! Enjoy this GREAT news! We are thrilled with the news and love hearing all about it too!

    Aunt Diane:-)

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