Little Baby Thomsen’s Little Baby Room

So upstairs in the Thomsen household are two modest bedrooms. Don and I share the master with its offering of a glorious walk in closet and sliding glass doors leading out to an oversized Juliet balcony. From there we can watch Vernon Hills fireworks, where I often pretend they’re only for me, but that’s besides the point! The second bedroom has its own appeal, with not only a 6′ long closet that offers lots of extra storage, but has an oversized skylight that adds to the natural light from the windows. So, we’re well equipped in having space for baby and I’m super happy the rooms are just across the hall from each other.  Little Baby Thomsen won’t be too far out of sight/earshot.
One of the perks of being pregnant for me, thus far, has been planning what we’re going to do with this second bedroom. Obviously it’s for baby, but for the past two years it’s served guests here and there with a very nice queen bedroom set. We need to move that to the basement. Still.

I’ve gone online and had some fun picturing what it is that our room will look like, layout wise, and what furniture we will put where, and so far, this is what I have:

The Layout


What do you all think???



3 thoughts on “Little Baby Thomsen’s Little Baby Room

  1. Just keep the closet door shut so that the precious little one does not freak out when she sees T-H-E picture!!

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