Who says the number 13 is bad luck?

Alas we are at week 13, and when I woke this morning I paused in consideration to that number. Was I to rejoice like I do as every week progresses or was I to quietly let it pass with bated breath? I should mention that this morning I didn’t wake to the beauty of a new day, at least not knowingly, instead to a dead battery in the fire alarm/carbon detector that not only beeps obnoxiously loud outside our bedroom door, but talks to us, as well. “Battery Low”. Yes, I needed to know that at 6am.

Last night was the first night I was able to keep my eyes open beyond 7pm. It was glorious. What wasn’t glorious was that they wouldn’t close until nearly 1am. And then with the 6am wakeup call, I thought for sure today would drag and be one of my blah pregnancy days; however, weirdly enough, I feel amazing. Here’s why…

At week 13 I am still down 5 pounds from week 1. Though I find this interesting since I’m not really holding back on the sweets (which I know I should be!) I have discovered that despite weighing less than I did at our wedding, my body is actually readjusting, if that makes any medical sense. My pants are starting to get icky tight, which I get away with by wearing summer dresses, but all of a sudden as my pants get tight, I find myself smaller in other places. I do feel like I’m walking around with a watermelon in my belly, which I know is funny because it will only become so, so much more obvious.  I feel pregnant, and I really, really like that feeling. I should also add that week 13 is the final week of the first trimester (gestationally) and I have not had one sick day. Other than fatigue and anemia, I have been a picture perfect pregnant momma-to-be. Be jealous.

So once awake at 6am, I departed for work. It was also the first day I arrived at my office prior to 9am this week. Miserable fatigue = new business hours for me. Score 1 for being the owner. As I went to take my first step out of the car, I nearly stepped on a baby bunny. You know, bunnies, like rabbits, like rabbits feet equating good luck. Week 13, baby bunny, good luck. See where I’m going?

So, I didn’t step on the bunny, nor take it’s foot; however, I did get pregnant misty-eyed as everything brings on the waterworks. If only hormones brought on productivity in business equating more money for us then I’d be richer than rich with these hormones! Don and I have been dwelling on money all week, which is why I thought again, today would be the most blah of blah days. Except, again, everything has weirdly fallen into place. Examples:

I need new tires for the Touareg. Who knew that buying a Touareg would mean tires don’t go the normal 40,000-60,000 miles and need replacing at 20,000 and cost almost double that of a non-Touareg SUV? Not me! So I’d been putting this minimal $1000 charge off for at least three months since I put everything before that of new tires. However, with being pregnant I’ve started to value my life and Little Baby Thomsen’s life all that much more. Which means I should have taken care of these tires long before. But now it’s bad timing because we’re approaching my 30th birthday in a month, which is something we had planned on celebrating out-of-town. Nothing had been booked because we’ve been putting a lot of money into the new business and just planned on taking it out this week and book our getaway. So add that to our non-existent budget. And, for those who weren’t there, about two months ago, Don, with his mess of a mouth, completely chipped an entire tooth out while eating cheesecake (!?!?) which sent us to the dentist who discovered Don’s mess of a mouth was really a disaster of a mouth. Now introducing the $7500 dentist bill. Oh, and did I mention that we’re pregnant and know very well that this will not be one cheap baby?!?!

For the past two weeks my pregnancy hormones had gotten the best of me. It’s very depressing when you see hard-earned money going in every non-fun direction when the only money I want to spend is on baby and vacation. I hate that I have to be responsible! Somehow though, today it all just kind of literally fell into place. I started to look up tires online and found the tires I had been quoted from our dealership were half off elsewhere. Unfortunately, the dealer does not price match. But Sears did! And not only did Sears price match, but when you find them cheaper they give you an extra 10% off and 6 months free financing with a Sears card, which we received when Don bought new tires a few years back. So I saved over $200 on the new tires that will be delivered next week. Problem #1 solved.

Now on to vacation… of which Don and I were really hoping to get to Florida and visit my Great Aunt Helen, who I haven’t seen since before our wedding or since my Great Uncle Billy passed. I also want to see my dear friend Lori who had a baby last year and being the terrible friend I am, haven’t even met yet. Going to Florida would allow us to depart on a week-long cruise, as well, which is something we can’t really do with baby. So birthday getaway meets babymoon, and with doctor’s approval (finally) to travel we wanted to book asap. I receive a friends and family discount for a certain cruise line and found that by booking with our contact there, we’ll save around $200 a person. Chalk the savings up to $600+ thus far, if you’re keeping tabs. We’ll get to spend 2 days in FL, see my friends and my Aunt and travel to spend some non-Mommy and Daddy time together before that all changes!

And the dentist… oh the dreaded dentist. Don had a two-hour appointment a few nights ago and came home telling me that of course insurance was maxed and that this bill was already adding up – way up – to the point where the one problem he went there for (the missing tooth) wasn’t even touched after all the work they’d done on some cavity, crowns and other dental problems they found. I love my husband, no matter what he looks like, but I’m not going to lie. He needs a full set of teeth. It’s just how I roll. I reminded Don to save money now before his insurance renews in January by getting a temp crown instead of a permanent, and then that would allow the dentist to fix his missing tooth problem and stay within our budget. The dentist also said if we go temp, and then go permanent when insurance renews in January he would credit the temp and we would have no problems.  However, Don forgot and the dentist started doing all the work for the permanent fix, meaning he was settled on being toothless until January. Just lots and lots more money flying out of our wallets if I was so insistent on him having a full set!  So I asked Don to call the dentist and change things, but he didn’t…. and today, of all days, the dentist’s office called me to let me know they had accidentally overcharged Don and were resending a bill and that they had also booked him the same appointment twice and needed to know which of the two Don wanted to attend. Casually, I asked about the possibility of going temp vs. permanent and the nurse indicated that there was a very good chance that wouldn’t be a problem. Just waiting to confirm with the dentist, but it sounds like we’ll be able to put off extra charges and save ourselves at least $2500 until January. Sigh.Of.Relief.

So today, on the 13th week of my pregnancy, I rejoice in the happy things to come. Even new tires and teeth. But most importantly, of course, Little Baby Thomsen.


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