A registry, or two.

This weekend needed a little more oomph, so Don and I decided to get our baby registry on. We know we are MONTHS away from baby, but let’s be realistic… we’re new at this. And it’s not like a wedding registry where a pan is a pan. So in doing this early, we’ve put a bunch of items on our list, have done some research, and now leave it to experienced moms and dads (like you?) to give us advice in what we’re missing. We’re more concerned about what we will need, rather than what have on the list that we don’t need. So advise away…

We have decided to register at Pottery Barn Kids & Buy Buy Baby. We might add amazon.com for those online shoppers and for items that aren’t available on either site (like our crib), but that’ll be later. We really like the one of a kind Pottery Barn Kids offers and then how Buy Buy Baby accepts their own 20% off coupons, as well as Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (their mother ship) and competing coupons from Babies R Us.

Links to both:



You will notice some odd duplications from both. We have not edited either, nor have we limited the registries for only a boy or girl. We should find out this month which it’ll be (yay!), but this way we kinda keep tabs of what we want once we know what we’re having.

What I did buy while we were out scanning away today was a body pillow for sleeping. I’m having trouble following the rules of only sleeping on my left side (apparently it’s safest for baby as baby gets most oxygen this way), so we bought a boppy body pillow that slips under one leg and under my head and arm. I attempted to give it a try with a nap today, but, well, this is as far as I’ve gotten:

Oh wait, that’s LOUIE testing out the pillow! Silly dog!

Yeah, he’s only been sleeping on it for three hours now. At least we know we’ll get use out of it after baby comes!

And speaking of baby… off to the wizard in the morning for sonogram and checkup. Will post update and pics shortly thereafter! Have a great Sunday!

2 thoughts on “A registry, or two.

  1. Have not had a chance yet to see your registries, but Buy Buy Baby is AWESOME. Wish it had been open here when I had my kids… But here are some things you definitely do not need… anything that steams or sanitizes your bottles and such….. what a waste. Hot water and soap is just fine. Things like the playmat, the little bouncy seat and such, see if you can borrow someone else’s. They seriously are only into these things for such a small time, that you are then stuck with them in your house. And I have my own theory on how the “electric” pumps are the industry’s biggest scam… but more on that later. Some people love them, but I hated them and I had just as good a result with the $40 manual pump.

    • I love you Kathleen – you’re too funny. I’m assuming the pumps you speak of are for breast feeding, something I am not planning on doing. With the blood clot disorder, I am very eager to go off daily shots to a daily pill and the pill is not baby safe. The shots give me crazy migraines; whereas the pills make me feel normal and being a new mom, I’d like to forgo the migraines from meds and only allow them for moments of baby screaming on my zero hours of sleep. As far as the bouncy seats and so on go… I did have a friend offer to lend me hers; however, I know she’s going to have a 2nd baby shortly and eventually I’d like a second baby and so on and so on and because of that, I kinda just want my own. And I agree, bottle steralizers and big-o waste-o money! 🙂 Thanks for the advice! Sending lots of love your way!

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