Baby Mooning!

This morning was my 13/14 week checkup on Little Baby Thomsen, which allowed us to catch a glimpse of baby’s backside. It’s really funny and I am definitely enjoying these pictures! The moment the tech set the ultrasound wand on me, we saw baby do a flip around and moon us. And that was the position baby wanted to stay in, refusing to give us any smiles today!

Doctor has given us all the wonderful baby news we could ever want to hear thus far. Here are all the fun details:

Upon measuring the baby at different points – head, abdomen, length of limbs & behind, the doctor measured 13 weeks 0 days up to 13 weeks 2 days. I am actually at 13 weeks 4 days, so again, to be within 5 days of my due date indicates that Little Baby Thomsen is growing on schedule, getting enough nutrients, etc., to prove healthy for birth.

Heartbeat was perfect, though I can’t remember what he told me it’s specific bpm were; however, perfect was the word he used.

I gained a 1/2 pound in the last month (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) but am still down since my very first doctor visit. I’ve actually been kinda concerned that maybe I haven’t been eating enough as I often associate pregnancy with weight gain, but the doctor insists that he’s happy I’m maintaining at this point. I’ll be through my first trimester without weight gain, he believes I”ll find 15 pounds in my last trimester and that’s perfectly okay.

My next appointment is at the end of the month where we’ll do the amnio and find out sex (girl? boy?) I’ve felt it’s going to be a girl for so long, but with the baby mooning today I’m now thinking it might be a boy. Who knows!

Here are some more pics – I’ve labeled body parts as interpretation at this stage is not the easiest! Enjoy!


One thought on “Baby Mooning!

  1. What fun…seeing the sonograms! I so appreciate your labels too. This blog is fun to read. Thank you so much. Meantime you and Don are in my thoughts and prayers…for a healthy baby and happy life! Love & Hugs…

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