My First Trimester

Before I enter into week 14 (gasp!) tomorrow, I thought I’d post about everything first trimester. Pregnancy weeks are funny, because while pregnancy is 36 weeks in nature, most doctors count weeks up to 40 weeks, which means though I’m going to be at 14 weeks, I’m gestationally at 12 weeks. If that makes any sense…

So in terms of 14 weeks, a completed first trimester, I can officially say my baby has gone from this little rice sized nugget to an actual baby looking baby. And I could be crazy, which I probably am, but I think I can feel baby. Obviously it’s not kicking or anything like that, but there’s some stretching or something going on. And tonight, I was able to hear its heart beat. How you ask? With this:

Fetal Doppler

It’s an at-home fetal doppler that allows you to listen and then calculate the baby’s heart beat. As Don hasn’t been able to miss work to join me at the doctor appointments, he heard Little Baby Thomsen’s heart beat for the first time tonight. It was only for about a minute before baby moved or something and we lost signal. But it was still magical. As always. Love, love, love.

I was thinking of baby’s room today. I decided to do a simple gray paint throughout and then add the off white/silverish tree with birds and a quote. Here’s the mockup:

The quote:
remembered mother’s words
there beneath the tree
“no matter what the world
you’ll always be my baby”
Now for those who know me and love what I love… name the band!
Happy last day of first trimester to us! 🙂
Sandi, Don and Little Baby Thomsen 

2 thoughts on “My First Trimester

  1. I love the paint and the quote…by keeping the walls muted, the rest of the decor can be changed as the baby grows! Am so looking forward to someday actually seeing your place…Love & Hugs…Aunt

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