Apple. Of my eye.

Little Baby Thomsen is officially 15 weeks old in the oven. And today we have an apple pie! Or at least baby is the size of an apple. It is kind of weird to have something the size of an apple in my belly and I have a feeling the closer we get to due date, the more weirded out I’m going to be. I’m just sayin…

This week has been exhausting. EXHAUSTING. I’m literally at my wit’s end but doing my best to work a full, normal work week. Tomorrow I’m thinking a 1/2 day, but that’s only if I finish my work tonight (from home) even though I have zero energy to get my photoshop on. Did I mention I was tired? I’m thinking it has something to do with my anemia. And today I tested my blood sugar after nearly passing out when I got home to find my sugar levels too low. Little Baby Thomsen is already sucking the life out of me. In the best way possible, of course.

Okay, I could rattle on, but let’s be honest you don’t want to read it and I have no energy to write it. Perhaps more energy tomorrow to brag about our babymoon we leave for t-minus 2 weeks!


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