17 weeks

Today marks the 17th week of Little Baby Thomsen having home in my belly. It’s latest picture is above! We tried very hard to get baby to smile and show us it’s goods at our checkup yesterday; however, we have a modest little one.

There is a lot of excitement lingering in the Thomsen household tonight. Not only do Don and I hop a jet plane at 6am for a 9 day Caribbean getaway in the morning, but we await a phone call from our doctor’s office confirming both the baby’s health (amnio results) and baby’s gender. That’s right – as of tomorrow, Little Baby Thomsen will have a little baby name. 

The amnio test went well. I didn’t expect quite as much pain during the exam itself, but it was quick and by late afternoon I didn’t even feel as if anything had happened. Thankfully we are in the safe zone from any reactions to the test, and now we just await to hear how the baby’s doing.

We will try to post from San Juan tomorrow to give you an update and introduce you to Little Baby Thomsen by first name. Super exciting! In the meantime, here’s looking at you:


2 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. I can’t wait to see what you come up with… I’m sure whatever pattern/color/design you end up with for Little Baby Thomsen you will be completely outdoing yourself. We can’t wait to share the news with you! Love you guys!

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