Baby’s Got Back (and momma’s not so sure how she feels about it!)

So at 18 weeks, I can officially admit I see a baby belly. And a baby butt, which most people don’t talk about in their pregnancy. But really, when did my bootie get so big? And why didn’t someone tell me it would?!?! Ha.

Okay, in all seriousness, I’m growing because Little Baby Thomsen is growing, and it’s super exciting. I still have not gained any weight in this pregnancy, which I find weird, but I am thinning out in things like my wrists while my belly is stretching. You know, because every girl needs thin wrists. (sigh)

We just returned from our babymoon getaway late last night. It was an adventure with a storm impeding on our trip, but we had an amazing time just relaxing and mentally preparing for Little Baby Thomsen’s arrival. We were really hoping (and expecting) to know both our amnio results and the baby’s gender before our departure, but that didn’t all exactly happen. But this is what we do know:

The doctor ran what they call a FISH amnio on us, which provides results in 48 hours vs the 2 week turnaround time for final results. The amniocentesis detects chromosome abnormalities, genetic disorders and/or neural tube defects. The most common abnormalities found would be Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 or genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and/or neural tube defect being spina bifida. Though the FISH amnio gives almost accurate results the final results that occur in 2 weeks from testing are much more dependable. So we are still waiting on those final results but we were told that the numbers that came back from the FISH amnio look perfect and Little Baby Thomsen is almost 99.9% healthy.

Both amnio results that we receive should technically give us the gender based on the chromosomes. What we didn’t really think about, or expect, was how our loss of twin B would affect these results. Gender results from the FISH amnio were inconclusive. This is most likely because when we were expecting twins we were pregnant with a boy and a girl. When we lost twin B, the sac stays in place until it gets absorbed by the sac of Little Baby Thomsen, which is now has. Because of this, the chromosomes can mix and therefore we don’t have accurate results.

It is bittersweet, even now, being as excited as I am for Little Baby Thomsen how sad I feel in knowing that we were going to have a boy a girl. It was almost picture perfect, the storybook family. And that’s not to say we won’t have that family one day, but the loss is still daunting, and overshadows a little bit of the joy that I’m still trying to focus on.

I have another ultrasound on Wednesday to see Little Baby Thomsen. With the hope that baby keeps its legs uncrossed we should know the sex by the end of the day. If baby’s legs are crossed again then we have to wait for the final amnio results, which will have had time to separate and give a more accurate answer towards which of the gender chromosomes are healthy and that of Little Baby Thomsen vs unhealthy from twin B. I still don’t know when I’ll have those results, but Wednesday would sure be a great day, don’t you think?!?

So now that we’re back from our trip, we’re back to reality and it’s time to get this baby’s room in motion. Goal for the week: FINALLY move stuff around in the basement and make a home for the guest bedroom furniture. That room needs to get empty fast because momma wants to get her paint on!

Hopefully a fun update coming this week so all of you who plan to knit (ahem Auntie Diane & Michaela!) can get their colors in order!


3 thoughts on “Baby’s Got Back (and momma’s not so sure how she feels about it!)

  1. First off I think you look GREAT! Second you have the Storybook family! So now you must be very proud of yourself too!! Love U

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