Hello, Missoni!

Tomorrow I have the appointment for another long-awaited visit to the doctor for an ultrasound. I know I have these often, which I enjoy because seeing the baby is always fun. But hopefully tomorrow I’ll find Little Baby Thomsen is in a better position, allowing us to see the goodies. I don’t know if LBT was sitting Indian Style last time (so cute!) because he/she was sleeping since my appointments are usually bright and early, but tomorrow’s appointment is in the afternoon, so perhaps that will make a difference? I don’t think I can take the suspense for very much longer. However…
…at the same time, I think the suspense has turned into something special. Don was at the appointment on our first attempt to find out, but that was a no go. And then there were a zillion phone calls to the doc’s office while we traveled together in hope’s of the amnio results  indicating boy or girl. But since three attempted takes of getting baby’s gender have not come to pass, I feel like if tomorrow’s visit doesn’t go as planned that maybe I should just wait. But by waiting, I don’t mean until birth. I want to decorate the baby’s room and I want to have cute baby clothes… I just think there’s only so many duck outfits and pale yellows and greens one could ask for. But maybe I could be surprised at my showers! Here’s what I mean:  Perhaps if tomorrow I have no information, I can have the doctor’s tell Don when the final amnio results come in and leave me out of it. He could then change my baby registries to reflect that for a girl or a boy and when I see everyone at the showers I will learn of the sex in front of everyone. Wouldn’t that be kinda fun? Basically, I’d be the last to know… which is weird, because at the same time,  if I do find out at the doctor’s office tomorrow, I purposely planned my visit to be go alone so I’d be the first to know and relish in the fact that I had my own little secret that no one else would know until I was ready to share.  Hmm… wonder what it’s going to be.
But being that I’m *possibly* a day away from finding out the gender, I went shopping and had to get my hands on the new Missoni for baby collection at Target. I have a been a Missoni superfan since the early 90’s when I bought a Missoni scarf at Harrods in London. Unfortunately, Missoni takes a little more than pocket change to purchase, so when I saw that the line was coming to Target today, I knew I had to at least prep for baby’s first Missoni goods should it be a girl. I think this is just one of the most darling, darling things out there and I will get it, somehow, but for now it’s sold out online and was not available in my store:
Missoni For Target® Newborn Girls’ Sweater Union Suite – $25 at Target, but sold out online and not at my store. Find it for me! Otherwise people are selling it for $100 on ebay. 😦

I did manage to snag these two pieces that scream cute. The cardigan above and this sweet little jacket below:

And, if I find out tomorrow it’s not a girl… well, then these will find their way into storage for when baby no.2 comes one day, which will have to be a girl. Just have to be.

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