A Dressed Baby

Ralph Lauren Baby Set, Baby Girls Argyle Legging Set

So… I can’t stop admiring baby clothes. It’s festered into its own sickness that I will officially own up to.  The last handful of days I’ve spent time… so, so much time, browsing a sick number of websites featuring miniature dresses and pink everything for our future wee-one. I haven’t bought a lot – just a few essentials for the first days of new baby, but I think I’m addicted to web browsing for baby like guys look at dirty “things” because when I go to the menu bar I see “baby girl” as an option and my heart does this little flutter. Baby girl. Sigh. Saying that will never, ever get old.

Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl, baby girl.

Nope, not old.

There’s also the element of looking at that these little outfits and imagining my life in fast forward. Holiday outfits, for instance, are on display right now, and though we’re over a year away before needing that, a little bib reading “I’m thankful for daddy” for Little Baby Thomsen’s first Thanksgiving meal is heart melting. And then you have the beach gear just screaming for a day at the pool and I see LBT splashing around with smiles screaming from her face. I see all these future memories and right now, it’s by looking at these ridiculously cute outfits online.

I know this is just neurotic Sandi talking and I am honestly okay with that. I’m just beaming. Had Little Baby Thomsen been discovered a boy, I would be just as happy, I know this. Having a defined gender really just puts so much into perspective. Maybe I see it as something so much more real now. I can see my future – our future – and I am loving it. What a gift, the best gift that I cannot wait to share with the world.

Something else the world has wanted us to share is what we plan on naming Little Baby Thomsen. We’re open for suggestions because as of right now, LBT is without a formal first name. Don and I did decide to name her only once we meet her after birth, so there will never be a name hammered in stone until then. But we can share some fun name ideas that we have thought of, thus far. Feel free to share your opinion, but we’d really love to hear something you might be thinking of. Here’s what we have so far:

Nora – Libby – Ruby – Jillian – Robyn – Sophia – Taylor – Lyla – Olivia – Elle – Elizabeth

Add your suggestion!

Now…off to figure out how the doctors plan to get this sweet thang out of me…  because the delivery options I’ve heard of thus far don’t sound all that appealing. Watermelon meets baseball? Yeah, that’s just not going to work for me. Nope, unh-unh. 😉


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