I’m So Excited (and I just can’t hide it…)

LittleBabyThomsen is 20 weeks and 4 days cooked. We are over half way through this pregnancy and all the real exciting stuff is starting to happen. Here’s a little update…

Don and I have removed all the guest bedroom furniture from our second bedroom and found it a home in our basement. This will allow us to still have guests stay overnight (who will be comfortable) and now that they’re in the basement, they’ll sleep soundly even if the baby isn’t. In having removed the furniture, it allowed us to start painting. And by us, I mean me. I decided on three walls being gray, which I was worried would be too dark and shrink the room. It actually did the opposite and I think the color looks amazing – very calming and neutral and I can’t wait to spice it up with bright florals. The fourth wall is what you face when walking in the room and calls for some sort of design. I just painted the first coat of hydrangea pink:

Hydrangea Pink

Over that coat, I will be painting a repetitive design in a darker shade of pink, but I can’t decide between these two. I’m not doing it til tomorrow, but which of these two do you think will look good over the hydrangea?

Sweet Pink


Grand Hotel Geranium Pink

Right now I’m thinking Grand Hotel because it’ll make the design pop. I’d show you what the design is supposed to look like, but I’d rather wait til it’s done and show you what it actually looks like.

On top of painting, we have ordered both the custom shade for the skylight that will open and close in addition to custom cordless blinds to replace the 70’s roller shade that was doing nothing for us. Those should be delivered next week and Don can install that. We also bought the fun, pink tulle drapes that are waiting to be hung on the birch wood branch we’re planning to use as a natural drapery rod. I wanted to bring in some natural elements here and there, which will go along with the white washed wooden frames we’ll display.

Our crib and mattress were also ordered. I can’t believe they’re scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Had I known it would be delivered so soon I probably would have waited to order, but I suppose once all the painting is done (in the next day or so) we can get to work on building the crib. One of those stereotypical soon-to-be parent moments that I’ve always looked forward to!

The crib we decided on.

We also have the changing table that is very similar to the one pictured above. The only difference is that has a drawer directly under that top table for storage. It’s had a home in our basement for the past few months, so that’ll be coming up soon.

What’s left to do: The bookshelf is in the garage waiting to be built… we have two shelves that are ready to be hung but I need to spray paint the brackets first. Then I have to refinish and paint an old dresser and other than buying new hardware for the drawers, I think I have all the materials to do that. Waiting on delivery for the glider, which I’m RIDICULOUSLY looking forward to and then we just have to finalize a choice on additional seating. I’m second guessing a full on loveseat, which might take up too much room and be unnecessary… so I’m going to start looking for an oversized chair (like a chair and a half) or just a rounded back, hip chair. The problem is finding the oversized chair in white, but I’m always up to a good challenge!

So yes, I’m excited. There’s something about putting together the nursery that makes it feel like things are coming together. It also keeps the anxiety of not having an idea on how to be a mom at bay. I know I’ll figure it out, the same way I figure everything out. In the meantime – back to painting and pictures of a finished paint job coming soon!


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