Paint Nursery – check!

And here goes the transformation of Little Baby Thomsen’s nursery…

Let’s start here – with the obnoxiously unclean guest bedroom. We had been throwing everything in the room for the sake of putting it somewhere. Now, it’s somewhere else. 😉 Notice the awkward pinkish/yellow worn paint color wall.

Oh messy room.

Now, we have furniture removal, with an obvious room cleanup:

Empty(ish) room.

Then it was time for some wall color… gray on 3 walls with 1 pink accent wall:

And then final touches – a nice stencil/free hand art design on pink accent wall to make the nursery pop:

So, yay, we are complete on the painting scale of things. Today we were going to start building furniture but that was greatly derailed with my first case of Braxton hicks I started to feel on and off all afternoon. I’m truly not a fan of contractions – of any sort – so I’m hopeful this was a one day thing and tomorrow I won’t be curled in a ball wondering why I was so excited for baby, after all. (Yes, I’m excited for baby no matter what… but holy hell do Braxton Hicks hurt!)

More updates this week as we do start getting the room together and get the paint blob mess cleaned up from the floor and furniture built. Not to mention Thursday is the big ultrasound level II, which I believe looks at the specifics of the anatomy of Little Baby Thomsen in addition to any potential chromosomal problems. I feel confident baby is healthy, but I do know this will be some good baby viewing. I also hope to get answers as far as whether I should get a flu test despite the fact I’ve never had one. And then maybe get an idea on how well the baby is developing, to potentially give us an induction date. So… here’s to a good week!


One thought on “Paint Nursery – check!

  1. Room looks great! Thanks for the pics…helps me feel part of it all even tho we are so far away. Love & Hugs…

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