Week 22

Profile of Little Baby Thomsen

It’s been an exciting day for us today. LittleBabyThomsen had what is called a Level II checkup at the doctor, which gives us a great look at baby’s organs and size and so on. Here are all the fun details:

Baby measures at 21 weeks, 3 days and 14 ounces in weight. If she were “to size” she’d be around a pound and at 22 weeks even; however the doctor is comfortable with her at this size and hopefully this means she won’t be a 9.5 pound baby, like daddy!

Her heartbeat was a solid 147 bpm, which is super healthy and strong.

All of her organs were functioning, correctly positioned and recognizable. The measurement of fluids (where there are fluids) were within excellent range and the image of her face shows no sign of a cleft lip.

Little Baby Thomsen was moving around a bunch, giving us a good look at her little fists flaring about as if she were already demanding something in her tiny, little womb. The tech claimed she was being a bit stubborn since she wouldn’t move when needed to get a different view of the heart. Ahhh… already a stubborn, little girl. I thought we’d at least have a week with a care-free baby! 😉

Here is a somewhat alien looking, but decent shot of her face. I wish I had video to share to really give you an idea of just how “cute” she is right now, but this will have to do:


Okay… so… yes, it’s a creepy pic. But I’m going to go with “looks like daddy” on this one!


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