23 Weeks

LittleBabyThomsen's cerebrum (the surface of the forebrain and seat of the intellect, motor control, and memory) has started acquiring folds and wrinkles!

So here we are on to some tip-top developments in the world of LittleBabyThomsen. Above is an illustration her brain that is to be acquiring folds and wrinkles. What do these do, you ask? (Well, I had to ask, so I assume you will to). This provides greater surface area for cell-to-cell communication. Other regions of the brain: areas that control emotion, hunger, sexual drive, balance, and other basic impulses are emerging, but remain less developed. About this week, too, LittleBabyThomsen should begin to have rapid eye movements (REM), the eye motions seen during the stage of sleep where dreaming occurs. Awww… she’s dreaming.

She’s also kicking. A lot. Holy cow. I thought I had been feeling baby kicks all along, but I’ve since discovered they were pains from uterus stretching. Her kicks feel like popcorn popping in my belly and absolutely tickles. I love it. Don always seems to be gone – either at work or picking dinner up, etc and she’ll start practicing soccer except for the other night, I held my breath and Don was able to witness the kicks and then feel them as she let them rip. More progression of LittleBabyThomsen…

We’re also anticipating this week to kickoff the start of rapid weight gain – for her, which I also think means for me, as well. She’s “supposed” to put on at least 2.5 ounces this week, putting her at over a pound. I continue to gain zero weight, but as long as she’s getting the nutrients and gaining the weight, I’m okay with that. I read that the next five weeks are to be “intense” weight gain. I fear that the book used the word “intense” as though my stomach will double, triple, even in size. Eek. For right now, this is about her size in comparison to that of a fruit – a large mango:

Large Mango

We’ve also been sporting some amazing gifts in the baby’s room. Our Pottery Barn glider and ottoman set has found a home in the center of the room. I’ll post pics soon, but I want to put the rest of the room in order and figure out where I want to place it. I think pictures of this amazing chair will only do justice when placed properly. But we absolutely love it. In fact, I have only sat in it a handful of times but have already fallen asleep in it. To me, that’s a winning chair.

We also received the baby’s stroller and stroller accessories. Feeling ready to take a baby for a stroll, but I suppose I should, you know, wait for the baby. Otherwise I would just be that crazy lady who lives in the house on the corner who walks her dogs in a baby stroller. Ha.

I’ve also been overwhelmed with the news of such good family coming in from states all over the country for LittleBabyThomsen’s baby shower. I’m touched and honored and feeling the love. We all are.

But for now, bed calls because one thing I can’t shake in this pregnancy is exhaustion. She’s tiring me out, but man is she worth it!


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