Daddy Practice

This past weekend I had a chance to meet up with my dear friend, Rachel who has a wee little baby, Gabe. He is quite possibly the calmest of babies and a real joy to be around. I often joke that he will be my future son-in-law (one could hope) but since that rarely works out, I will accept him as my faux “nephew” and love him all the same.

Rachel’s husband, Mike was working Saturday, so to spend a day together in celebration of our belated 30th birthdays, Don volunteered to babysit Gabe, allowing Mommy and Mommy-to-Be a day out sans baby. I’m not going to lie. Whether Gabe is my child or not, I have never seen Don take care of a baby without me and I didn’t really know what he could handle for a baby who’s still under the age of one. But Rachel did not protest and I suppose I would have to let Don watch a baby without me one of these days. It was just for an afternoon, what harm was there in that? So, off to shop we went – for five hours – while Don practiced his Daddy skills. Coming home to see this picture did not surprise us:

The next e-trade baby?

Needless to say, Don is prepared to be a Dad and I’m one proud wife of a daddy-of-a-Thomsen-baby-to-be. 🙂



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