Little Baby Room

I wanted to share pictures of how the nursery is coming along. It still has a bit of work to be done… on the to do list:

1. Hang 2 shelves and put some goodies on the shelves.
2. Change out the ceiling fan with new ceiling fan.
3. Have skylight shade installed (waiting for the guy to come back out – on order).
4. Closet needs to be cleaned and organized (you’ll see below).
5. Need to paint a mural and hang it.

So we’re getting there – but in the meantime, enjoy… this is our happy place…

Accent Wall w/ Crib & Changing Table


Grey part of wall is waiting for the hanging of 2 shelves.



Glider = Heaven



Look at those ridiculously cute shoes! And the merry-go-round Don and I bought in Barcelona - just waiting to be placed in a nursery one day!



The dressed crib.


Saw this stuffed animal in the stores and it had to come home with me. It just had to.


And the closet. It needs help. Or rather, mommy needs to find a new home for her purses, hang the actual clothes rods and organize!



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