I don’t know what that is.  A rutabaga. I assume it’s a vegetable, hence it’s rooting and all. But whatever it is, it’s apparently the same size as LittleBabyThomsen. Hello week 25. This leaves a total amount of time until she’s here – 15 weeks. So, so soon. (Start panic attack in 3…2…1)

These weeks are going by so fast. I’m happily moving along… planning, preparing and looking forward to celebrating. Nursery is almost complete. Feeling a lot of love from a lot of people who are beyond supportive and excited for us. But mostly, I’m looking forward to the transition from mom-to-be to mom. Life is happy good right now. Don and I are very, very fortunate. Thank you for making us feel like we’re the luckiest people in the universe.

My exhaustion is setting in, but I wanted to share week 25 with you. One more week and a few days before we enter into our third trimester. I wonder if that’s when I’m supposed to start gaining weight. Or craving something. Or stop freaking out. 😉 Oh, the emotions…



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