The Doctor Wants Me To What?!?



Never, ever, not once in my life have I been to a doctor for a visit where this leading professional in the healthcare industry has said to me, “I want you to start putting on some weight.”

Seriously, take that in for a second.

I’m supposed to, per the request of my doctor, *gain* some weight.

Still – try to take it in.

I can’t.

I am in disbelief that this amazing man of a doctor whom I trust with not only my life in child-bearing but the life he will essentially catch or cut out of me wants “Fat Sandi” to “put on weight”.

Okay, so I know I’m not fat. But I used to be. I have, once upon a time,  dropped from over 300 pounds to under 200, but I’m certainly not a size 4 – hell, even a size 12 at that. Though, apparently as I approach my third trimester (t-minus 3 days) I should be able to say I’ve gained anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I’ve lost about 7 since the start of my pregnancy – all without one day of morning sickness.  And of course 7 isn’t a big deal, and of course LittleBabyThomsen is growing and developing as healthy as a clam in a womb, but supposedly the doctor would feel more comfortable in that when he said I will find 15 pounds in my third trimester – whether I like it or not – that I actually find 15 pounds.

One of my (irrational) fears in getting pregnant was the whole weight gain. I did once see scales read “error” due to my excessive weight, and I have taken such great control of that. Thankfully, when my numbers fell below 200 and then back up to 200, I could control it once again. But you can’t really control much with a life growing inside of you and it’s certainly hard to feel guilty when the numbers on the scale do start to go up. And now it’s just odd that I would actually do a silly dance in celebration to see myself gain a pound. Maybe that’ll make me feel “more” pregnant… I don’t know. I do know that this is not free rein to eat what I want, when I want. But apparently I’m just not eating enough… very odd.

The doctor did also give me a pass on doing a gestational diabetes screening as processing sugar makes me very, very ill. Hooray for that. And LittleBabyThomsen had a heartbeat running in the 150’s, so that’s great. She’s coming right along…

I see the doctor on the 18th again, and hopefully no sooner, for another ultrasound. Can’t wait to see her smiling face! And I will celebrate and welcome my third trimester and sixth month of pregnancy on Thursday.

Lots to be happy about and lots to look forward to. But until then, I’m off to eat!


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