It’s a Bird, It’s a Pain, It’s Superbaby!

So I had anticipated on blogging today about last weekend and all the love I experienced and joy from both a belated birthday celebration for Don and then one of my two baby showers on Saturday. Both were amazing, amazing events, but instead I’m going to first talk about my day today. You know, the one in which I didn’t go into labor. Ha.

Last night I started to feel a weird shooting pain on my right side – where my leg/pelvic area/hip-joint all somehow connect (do they connect?). It was a quick stab of pain and went away as fast as it started, so I ignored it, naturally. The baby was still active last night and Don and I used our fetal doppler to get a good listen of her heartbeat so I went to bed knowing all was well in the world of LittleBabyThomsen.

Then today as I went to sit in for a business financial meeting, again the pain started. This time it was one in which dragged out and felt as if I were going to die. Talk about good timing, no? As if my body already knew I wasn’t interested in a financial meeting! I literally shrieked in pain and had to grab the desk to hold myself still. The pain kinda eased- I moved about to stretch and walk and decided to lunch before finally calling a mommy friend for advice as the pain never fully subsided. That’s when she suggested I call my doctor. Long story short, I summarized the pain and questioned whether LittleBabyThomsen might be sitting on a nerve. She asked how many times I had felt the baby move today except I really couldn’t answer. I guess I don’t normally pay much attention to her movements while I’m crazy busy at work and only notice it at night while I’m lying around, so I told her I didn’t think I felt her move at all. A minute later I hear, “The doctor would like for you to come in immediately.” Panic.

Don was at work, and on the one day he didn’t have his cell phone for any baby “emergencies” so I went to my parents. Mom was at lunch and unreachable so my Dad drove me. I can’t remember the last time my dad took me to the doctor! Needless to say it was appreciated…

So apparently the symptoms I had and the lack of knowledge I provided on baby movement indicated pre-term labor – something that was originally discussed at my first high risk appointment due to my blood clot disorder and blood thinners I’m on. They did a full workup – and LittleBabyThomsen appeared to be fine. Heartbeat was good and I wasn’t showing any signs for early labor. Apparently LittleBabyThomsen is going through a mini growth spurt! I don’t know how big she is (I’ll find out on Friday at my ultrasound) but upon measuring my stomach, there was quite a bit of growth from my visit a week and a half ago. This quick growth then pushes the uterus to grow faster than normal and needless to say, pushes on my joints and creates a pain referred to as ligament pain. Something I’ll have to get used to and then blame on the baby when she’s old enough to take the blame for something. Kidding, kidding…

So I’m okay, baby’s okay – she is just growing big and strong and mommy can feel it! Hopefully there will be a bit of an ease up in time for this weekend for baby shower no.2 and then Thanksgiving, otherwise it’s going to be takeout  instead of a nice big bird! Orrrrrr…. maybe Don will just have to cook…. oooh, he’s going to love hearing that!

Will post shower pics and party pics from last weekend shortly…


One thought on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Pain, It’s Superbaby!

  1. Oh dear…so glad you called the doc! Pain is pain, but fear is terrorizing! Sad to hear about the pain…glad to hear that the doc could relieve the terror! It was so good to see you…you are definitely glowing! Love & Hugs

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