28 Weeks Shining Bright

Somedays I feel as if I’ve been pregnant forever, mostly because it took us so long in trying for a baby before this glorious miracle came about. But for well over a year my head has been wrapped around baby baby baby. And holy baby, the happy and grateful hormones I experience on an almost daily basis need to be bottled up and shared with anyone and everyone who is ever in a bad mood. Apparently being pregnant for me, lately, has been the happiest I’ve ever felt and happy tears are quite common.

I did want to step back from all things baby last week to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend… Don. The man who made this whole pregnancy happen at least 50%. He also makes a lot of things happen for me – like buying me a house, adopting 2 dogs, moving big boxes and killing little bugs. He is the most amazing man I cherish daily and though I will never share him, I wish for all my single friends to find love in a man just like Don… it would be their key to happiness for a lifetime.

Are you done throwing up in your mouth yet?

With that said, I put together a small dinner with some of his friends and our family for his 35th birthday. Obviously 35 isn’t that BIG “holy cow” of a birthday, but it was his last before becoming a Dad and came at a great time to show him love before LittleBabyThomsen celebrations take over our next few months. Here are a collection of photos from his belated birthday celebration:


Birthday Boy!


Rox, Darrell & Claire Bear


Party People!


The Little Party People!


Dad and Shaun!


Baby Belly on Display!


Half of Team Zwecksen!


Surprise, Aunt Diane! Happy 1st Anniversary of your 49th Birthday!


Birthday Boy with Cake!


One of my besties and my "nephew"


Us and baby in the belly!


Overall, a great – great night.

So yes, today – 28 weeks. I’m officially on the countdown  now before baby time. A whole whopping 12 weeks left, which blows my mind when you think about all the things to occur in those 12 weeks. Thanksgiving, the holidays, New Years… and then all things LittleBabyThomsen.

Yep, I’m a happy girl. Happy, happy, happy.


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