Little Baby Kick

So today was another wonderful day in the world of LittleBabyThomsen. We were showered with lots of love from friends and family in Chicago with a beautiful shower thrown by my sister, Jen and my dearest friend, Annie. I will have pics to upload, as well as pics from the WI shower shortly. But in the meantime, I wanted to share this silly video of LittleBabyKicks.

This little girl has been rocking and rolling in the womb and tonight was no exception. I placed the remote control on my belly as I tried to get some rest and then held my breath. I apologize for the background tv noise (The Amazing Race); however, whenever we’d mute it the baby would stop kicking. So, no, it’s not an EarthQuake. It’s LittleBabyThomsen on the move. Enjoy!


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