Bottled Up

With the mature decision to not “whine” via blog about the intense back pain, trip to labor & delivery for yet another possible pre-term labor visit and the cough/cold someone shared with me this past holiday weekend… I will instead discuss this: baby bottles.

Upon taking my mind off all things above I discovered I have 22 baby bottles. I did not register for bottles, rather accepted donations from my sister, but I feel incredibly overwhelmed by just looking at them. 22?!?! Will I really need that many? Come on mommies… tell me the truth. (I should mention I have no intention to breast feed and have 8 brand new nipples per size, in addition to probably 100 my sister also donated to me.)


One thought on “Bottled Up

  1. I did not breast feed either and YES you will need them:-) All of our bottles had all the cute characters on them so maybe that is why I bought so many:-)

    Aunt Diane

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