30 and 30

Well here we are… 30, all over again. But a more exciting 30… rather than rockin my 30th birthday as we  did a few months ago (sigh) I find excitement in this week’s baby development at 30 weeks!

I don’t know why I find 30 weeks to be so monumental, but as compared to all other weeks this one has me feeling mommy ready. It’s common for woman to have babies in weeks that start with “3”, so this has me a bit more comfortable that LittleBabyThomsen is almost here! And I’m not entirely freaking out about it anymore.

So the fun facts at 30 weeks – LittleBabyThomsen should be weighing in around 3 pounds, blinking, responding to more light and sound and has active lungs. We visit the doc next week for an update – I’m not sure if it’s another ultrasound but either way, should have more info on how we’re developing!

30 weeks has also brought on its interesting moments. For instance, I’ve finally found some fun food cravings. For a girl who doesn’t really like fried chicken, I definitely had Don running to KFC at 9pm last night because I couldn’t imagine going to sleep without the grease. Healthy, I know.

I’ve also discovered that I’m going gray. And not just a little gray, but holy cow, it’s time to dye my hair a color that isn’t gray. Of course, all at a time in my life when I’m not allowed to fix this. I’ve only been able to do so much plucking, but it’s taking over. Like life, it is what it is and the pregnancy hormones are all worth this wonderful change in life.

Another featured change in my life would be my inability to think straight anymore. Really, I don’t even know how I remembered it was 30 weeks today. (Crap, now I’m second guessing myself…). But this morning I managed to gather my things for work, dig through my purse so as to have my sunglasses (which I always manage to forget, but wasn’t going to today!), set the alarm on the house and walk out the door. Keyless. Awesome.

I have never done that in my life, and I’m certainly not the first to do it. But why was my first instinct to just sit on the stoop (sunglasses on, of course) and just wait for someone to drive by and notice me? Then I remembered I don’t live in the 50’s and I have a cell phone to call people like, my husband, who doesn’t have a direct phone number to dial at work. Ah, but after another minute of freaking out I remember I can email him via my phone, which thankfully he read almost immediately. But in my waiting for his response I called my brother as if he were around the corner or something (he lives about 25 miles away) and would come to get me with his non-existent key to our house. Why, oh why didn’t I remember that my dear friend who lives down the street works from home AND has a key to my house?!? No, that would have been too easy to remember. Instead, I waited for Don to come home and rescue me, which he did, no more than 20 minutes later. It was a cold 20 minutes.

But anyways, yay 30 weeks!


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