My Powdered Ponder

Mmm... donut goodness!

So lately it looks like I’ve been doing crack. Or cocaine. Or really whichever drug it is that’s powdered (I forget which one it is that people snort vs. smoke, but I think I’m talking about the snorting one). Anyways, it looks like I’m that girl because I happen to be the pregnant girl who has an utter fascination with powered sugar donuts – and did you know that the powder sugar will always fall on to your shirt and pants, which you will inevitably wipe away but it will leave a “I may have just snorted something” mark on your outfit that instantly makes you guilty of something naughty? Yeah, I’m guilty. So very full of sugary guilt.

Which is why I don’t understand how I’m still losing weight?!!? I’m a 1000% sure I spent all of my weekend last week with some sort of food substance in my hands as if I were playing Brad Pitt’s role from Oceans 13.  I was eating, then snacking, then eating, then snacking like it was nobody’s business. So imagine my surprise when I had my 31 week checkup this week to find that I had lost weight for no rhyme or reason. Blood sugars are good, baby’s heart rate is good. My stomach has been growing, which indicates baby is growing. Yet, I’m not. So, why?

I have been told not to worry. The doctor has me coming back for an ultrasound in about a week to view LittleBabyThomsen’s growth. I also have to do a non-stress stress test. But so far nothing indicates a means to worry. And I’m really not, but it would be nice to know why if I’m not sick, am eating (a lot) and baby is growing why the weight isn’t coming on. I know I shouldn’t technically be complaining about this, but it seems odd. Right?

Either way, I’m going to go back to my eating. I love asking Don for the cheap “crappy” donuts and nothing fancy like Dunkin Donuts. Ha, I just used fancy as a word to describe Dunkin Donuts. Sugar is going to my head! This is what I’m talking about when I say I have a bit of a powdered sugar sickness. And if you see me, I promise I’m not on the drugs. 😉


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