A 4 Pound Bundle

If there’s anything I haven’t done in this pregnancy is take LittleBabyThomsen’s health for granted. When we lost Twin B, I threw all my energy into making sure LittleBabyThomsen would have a healthy pregnancy and put her needs, however big or small, first. I also have celebrated every aspect of her – from enjoying two baby showers and decorating an amazing nursery and just bragging about this little life growing inside of me – something Don and I have wanted for just so long. So today, at my 32.5 week appointment I had a bit of fear in seeing growth and making sure LittleBabyThomsen is as healthy as she should be.

I started with my weigh in… and what do you know… I gained 6 pounds in 10 days. The doctor was actually proud! My first official weight gain in this pregnancy and I’m half way through my third trimester.

Then the ultrasound – showing the following:

Baby’s head and limbs, etc. all measure within a day or two of the anticipated due date (February 9th). The ultrasound indicated that she has a full head of hair, which is super cute. Heartbeat was good – in the 150s. And her weight is at a solid 4 pounds. So good.

The only downside was that the baby’s abdomen measured 13 days too small. I was told this was due to a possibility of two things – either a. we have a skinny baby or b. the baby is not getting enough nutrients from the placenta.

So then it was on to the non-stress, stress test. The one where you just lay there and let the baby do her thing while the machine counts kicks, movement, etc. Since the two plush, comfortable amazing looking chairs were filled, I was sent to a hard exam bed. Fine, because this test was only supposed to take 20 minutes. An hour and half later I finally ripped the machine off of me because I couldn’t take the pain on my back from laying on this hard bed with zero bedding. So the nurse said that since I was on the machine for so long without the movement they were looking for, I failed. Awesome.

With the failed non-stress, stress test and the fact that baby’s abdomen is very small, the doctor wanted me to do a second ultrasound to get a good look at the placenta and to count baby movements through the ultrasound and watch the lungs move for a solid 30 seconds. They only give you 30 minutes to do this ultrasound and count the movements and it wasn’t until the last 10 minutes did LittleBabyThomsen move and give her lungs a go. I barely got the results needed and even then, it was a stretch.

I had a long talk with the doctor who explained that so long as the limbs are growing they don’t worry too much about the abdomen size. It’s only if there are problems with the placenta and it is apparently common for babies of mom’s on blood thinners to detach from the placenta, which is obviously bad if it goes unnoticed.

So now I am a once a week, if not twice a week, patient. Starting next week, I get to go in for a weekly non-stress, stress test and ultrasound to confirm placenta is still in place and baby is growing. I’m 13 days behind in abdominal growth and if I get to 14 days or more (which I’m obviously close to), then we’re looking at a strong possibility of being induced.

I’ll keep you updated and post today’s ultrasound pics when I’m finally through taking this all in. Til then…


5 thoughts on “A 4 Pound Bundle

  1. I’m sure you are stressed and have all the right in the world to be, but it sounds like you have amazing doctors watching everything, so you should be in good hands. Ultrasounds can only tell you/doctors so much. Alex measured too large on his abdomen, which they said could be a problem (nothing more specific I can recall) or he was going to be a big baby. Well, he was a normal 8 lbs. He just grew a little differently than what “a normal” baby might. I’m sure your baby girl is just letting you know now that she’s gonna do things her way and you better get used to that. 🙂 I love you guys and love that baby and will send all sorts of happy happy thoughts to each and every one of you!!

  2. Think positive thoughts – All will be well – There are too many people praying for you, Don and LBT. She will be fine and beautiful with that head full of dark hair!! Love you three, Aunt Mary

  3. Sending all of our love, prayers, thoughts and many hugs your guys way!!! 🙂 Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but none of them can be predictable, no matter what those doctors say. Both of mine were very stressful and I had a million worries and by the end of them I’m pretty sure the doctors had me convinced my children might be aliens, lol! Okay, maybe not aliens, but I was a very high risk patient, with very high risk pregnancies. You cherish every moment of it and you are so protective from the moment you find out…that’s the moment you’ve begun motherhood…you realize it’s no longer just you, it’s so much more and the love you feel is so unexplainable and wonderful. Then suddenly you have doctors tell you something may be wrong, you need to undergo numerous tests and it brings about panic, worry and fear. I remember not gaining weight, my kids not being at the right development schedules, my labs being off, weekly/bi-weekly ultrasounds, weekly stress tests, weekly blood and lab draws and just feeling like a guinea pig. It made for a very stressful and scary third trimester, not to mention, my health troubles landed me in the hospital more than a few times as well. When they were first born the kids and I both seemed very healthy, however, within 24-48 hours they both got life threatening illnesses and were hospitalized at Children’s and I was also bleeding internally, extremely sick and admitted to a different hospital…this happened with both pregnancies…very scary and tough to handle, but long story short, that was not easy to go through and I’m not trying to freak you out, but Jacob and Kayleigh are now 5 and 9…healthy, intelligent, amazing and the best miracles and blessings of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. They were worth it all.
    I know what it’s like to lose a child and then I also know what it’s like to want and try for children for a very long time to have it not happen and just be let down and disappoined. You and Don will be the most wonderful, loving, amazing and terrific parents ever. I have no doubt about it! 🙂 Little Baby Thomsen will be perfect no matter what happens and she will be loved no matter how she grows. She is doing it on her own time and that’s the way us Gratke’s seem to roll…Don has been that way his whole life, lol! 🙂 He’s turned out pretty great, so I don’t think you have too much to worry about. Plus she is so blessed to have you for a mother. How much more could a sweet girl full of sugar and spice ask for??? She’s already got it all!!! 🙂 We love you all are praying for you all daily and if you need anything just give us a ring…we’re just a hop, skip and jump away! 🙂 Hugs and lots of love always!!! 🙂

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