Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good…

2012. It’s here. The year of all years for this Thomsen family. The most amazing year we will experience in our lives, I already know it. Now let’s see if I can get through this post without a hormonal breakdown of happy tears. Doubtful. ūüėČ

First – Happy New Year! Thanks for following us through this amazing journey we’ve been blessed with in 2011. For a quick glimpse back, 2011 was filled with a lot of ups and downs, but it was on¬†this day, last year, Don and I made the decision to seek out help to start our family. No one really talks publicly about¬†fertility issues and¬†here is not where I want to share¬†my long ass story, but from day one of 2011, Don and I were all about baby. I never saw myself a married woman. I never saw myself a strong businesswoman. Don proved me wrong when he showed me true love exists with our 2009 “I do’s” and my parents taught me the difference between just “working” and “kicking ass” in the real world. So 2011 was time for baby. And in May, with the help of doctors, I’ll never forget the words “you’re pregnant” whispered to us. And now look how far we’ve come… (Am I really STILL pregnant?!?!) ūüėČ

We are some very short weeks away from the extension of this family. I have so many wishes and hopes for 2012 and LittleBabyThomsen, I wouldn’t even know where to begin in sharing them… Perhaps one day, she’ll look back on this blog (and not scoff at how far technology has come from a “blog”) and realize how much love her mom and dad have had for her before she was here. We think about her all the time (even when I don’t mean to – but usually when I feel like I have to pee, eat and sleep all at the same time). So here are a few hopes I have for her… I have so, so many. This is just a small sampling of things on my mind…

I hope she comes into this world as excited and ready as we are to welcome her. She will probably cry, like I will cry.¬†Her tears will probably¬†be more like, “what the hell is going on?”; however, I’m sure mine will be as well. Either way, I hope she finds comfort in the arms of mom and dad and that when she does get all fussy, her Daddy doesn’t just put her on the dining room table and walk away like he did when Louie was all fussy¬†his first week home. (He has said he has learned from his mistakes, I promise you don’t need to call CPS!)

I hope she finds trust and love in her family… and I’m not just talking about Don and me. I want her to know how much¬†her new¬†relatives love her because we know how much they love us. And even if one side roots for the Bears and the other side the Packers (and yes, even those who are all Tebow, Tebow, Tebow ūüėČ ) she is loved no matter what cheerleading outfit she is put in that day.

If one day she has a sibling, I hope she learns to love them enough to call them at midnight with well wishes for the New Year, the same way my brother called me at midnight, last night. I want her to have a special bonds with her immediate siblings or cousins and “faux” sisters and brothers she will inevitably grow up with as we share her life with our best friends who have children as loved as she is.

The most important wish, as shared from her Daddy, as well – we just want her to be happy and healthy. They go one in the same to me, but we want her to find happiness in the silly things life will bring her, smile at the unobvious and relish in all that surrounds her. We’ll work on making sure she’s well taken care of and has the world on a string. She¬†just has to hold on to that string as tight as possible.

So 2012 will be our year of all things LittleBabyThomsen. There is nothing that brings a bigger smile to our faces and soon, we promise, she’ll be bringing one to yours.


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