Still Pregnant :)

Today was the first morning in the 37.5 weeks I’ve been expecting, I turned to Don and said, “I can’t believe I’m still pregnant.” Because I am. You know, still pregnant. And while I thought I would have had LittleBabyThomsen by now, there were some weeks I worried we would never get this far. So that’s a fine sigh of relief.

We made it to 37 weeks, which by the books, indicates that I am full term. It means that for as long as baby has been cooking, any sign of labor at this point is not a point in which we’d need to worry. I had a checkup today to check on progress and everything looks great. LittleBabyThomsen is quite mobile, allowing me to pass the NonStressTest in record time. Her amniotic fluids are healthy and I was given full permission to go into labor any day I choose, as of now. You know, because I have so much control over that!

We did find out that if I don’t go into labor “naturally” within the next week that I should plan on being induced either February 2nd or the 7th. That means in 14 days, max, I will be a mom. So. Very. Surreal.

I should also mention that my fear of labor has subsided and something has clicked as far as wanting labor to progress already. It could be that I am, in fact, becoming more and more uncomfortable. It is hard to sit, to stand, to lay, to roll over, to breath. Thankfully, these “pains” have only contributed to the last week or so of my pregnancy and I have been very fortunate in not feeling too out of whack. Perhaps it’s because I’ve maintained my weight without adding the 30 pounds by way of the norm in pregnancy. Who knows, but I’m ready!

Work has subsided and I really go in to the office anymore. It’s a nice break. Instead I’ve spent my time packing for the hospital, putting bouncy seats, pack n play, swings and highchairs together. They are decorated throughout the house and the dogs don’t seem to mind. Hopefully adding a baby to these now “quiet” pieces of furniture won’t change their opinion! For now though, I think they do realize that something is up with all that is going on and with all my time at home, they have been enjoying some sleepy time with mommy, as well. Thankfully, they are too, too cute to pass up their required extra cuddle time. 


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