The Start of Baby Week



Here we are at the start of baby week. A very exciting week, indeed. It’s almost too much to take in on one day, but Don and I are counting down the days now and can plan to expect LittleBabyThomsen by the end of the week!

I had a checkup this morning – my final Non-Stress Test – which I have been having on a weekly & twice-weekly basis for the last month or two, now. The tests have been a little difficult as LittleBabyThomsen gets stage fright on the monitors, indicating she’s not very “active”, which always freak the doctors out and then they freak me out, and today was no different. At least I’ve just gotten used to it at this point! They kept me on the machines for over an hour this morning (normally it takes 20 minutes) but nothing was too surprising and they decided to just follow through with the fluid check and biophysical exam (making sure baby moves 3 times in a half hour with view through ultrasound, in addition to watching the lungs “breathe” for 30 consecutive seconds). I’ve also had amnio fluid checks weekly throughout this pregnancy but sure enough, LittleBabyThomsen gave me another scare with this morning’s check.

The tech checks for pockets of amnio fluids and adds the numbers up, which need to exceed 10. Last week I was a 10.9 and of course as the baby grows the fluid numbers will get a little lower, but should always remain above 10. You’re also not supposed to count the fluid that is around the umbilical cord, so all the other pockets need to meet the 10 standard. Needless to say, after a quick check the tech tells me she needs to go get the doctor and I ask her why… which is when she tells me that the fluids are low and she wants to see what the doctor would like to do. I hadn’t even had the biophysical exam yet, but she seemed rushed to get the doctor. Apparently my level was 5, which is really low, so I ask her, while waiting impatiently for the doctor, what this means, and she says, “oh, they’ll have you go to Labor & Delivery.”

So, I’m a little naive. She says this and normal people get what that means. Me? No. I think there’s just some other test they need to run and the machines are only down in L&D. When she says that it’s usually fixed with an emergency c-section, I realize that this is no joke!  So I’m laying there, by myself, waiting for the doc and trying to figure out a way I’m going to call Don and tell him to CALMLY rush to the hospital. And then I think about how my brother is dogsitting and I didn’t make the bed or do the dishes from last night… what will he think when he gets to the house?!? Oh, silly me…

The doctor did say the numbers were lower, but decided to count the fluids with the cord, which was enough to keep us from the emergency c-section. The biophysical exam was passed immediately and I was just told to focus on LBT’s movement and any sudden decreases may warrant a trip to L&D, afterall. I’m seriously hoping that our last LBT scare!

Once the panic attack subsided, the new one began. But the good panic attack, I suppose… the confirmation for being induced! I was given the green light to make home in L&D on Thursday, the 2nd at 4pm. No one seems to have an idea how long it will take for me to progress, but it is very likely LittleBabyThomsen will have a February 3, 2012 birthday. I asked the doctor what to expect for pain – and the smartass he is (ha) – he tells me that it doesn’t hurt him one bit! But he did promise me lots of good meds both with the start of the induction and then the epidural soon after. I’m very relieved to hear this because there is no way I can mentally prepare for going from zero to a hundred without thinking about the wonderful, wonderful drugs to help ease the pain. And probably a little bit of the fear… 😉

So our final Monday before being mom and dad is nearing it’s end and we’re just looking forward to all that’s to come. Will keep all posted as this week progresses!


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