Roubi J

Today was such a wonderful Saturday. It was so nice to have Don home and a baby “old” enough (or rather us comfortable enough) to take out. So that’s what we did. This afternoon, Don and I took Ruby to her first meal out and then for a trip walking around the mall. I have to say, she handled it like a pro. And so did we. 🙂

On the road to the mall we happened to be driving behind this guy. How funny is this?!?

The more I think about the coincidence of the plate and the timing of it all, the more it makes me smile. I love things like that.

Everyday this mommy thing is getting easier. Despite my nightstand having been taken over by diapers, pre-maid bottles and baby wipes – or my kitchen counters over flowing with bottles and folded baby laundry – I’m kinda loving it. It just felt wonderful to get out and be among the living again.

That doesn’t mean I’m over being exhausted. So with that, said…



One thought on “Roubi J

  1. Hi Sandi & Don…hope you are getting to sleep a bit when Ruby Joon sleeps…for now that’s the best time to do it. She is so darling…I’m trying to find a few days on my calendar to visit. Meantime thanks for the pics…she is beautiful! Take gentle care…Love & Hugs…

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