Beautiful Day(s)

Everyday I find myself falling more and more in love with Ruby. It’s as if on Monday, it’s impossible for me to feel anymore love in the world for her but then Tuesday I wake up with even more than I ever imagined. And this keeps happening day after day after day. I almost feel as if I’m waiting for someone to slap me awake and say, “sorry – this really is too good to be true.”  Thank goodness that will never happen and I will always have so much love, love, love for this sweet, little Ruby.

Melts. My. Heart.

Today was the start of what the weather channel indicates as a spring-like week. And with the beautiful weather, Don and I decided to take Ruby on a drive along the lakefront. I always love a good drive along the lakefront, and today was nothing short of what I love about it. Here are some fun photos of our sweet baby enjoying today’s beautiful weather:

Sticking her tongue out to the winter weather and enjoying that sun!

The three of us, relaxing lakeside.

Swinging with mommy - mommy's favorite!

Family swing! See... baby smiles!

For now, I sleep. More tomorrow!


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