6 Weeks – In Photos

It’s always hard to believe how fast time goes once something monumental occurs in my life. The birth of Ruby falls into that category. One minute I’m waddling around, complaining of back pain, baby kicks to the rib and my graying hair. The next I’m finding out that sleep deprivation is something I can get used to, real meals only exist if prepared with 1 hand and that half eaten bottles are as much a decoration as the giant coffee table books covering the coffee table. And now we celebrate 6 weeks of having Ruby in our lives. Everything seems to be going in fast forward, and though I’m thrilled to see Ruby grow, I’m ready for it to slow down – just a little. I want to take it all in… because she’s only a baby for a year before considered a “toddler” and then “kid”. Crazy.

I captured some of Ruby’s silly moments – with a little photoshop altering to make the photos that much more cute and fun. She’s just starting to make faces – smile a little, stick her tongue out – everything that makes her that much more cute. Enjoy…










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