Crazy Times


So, as most know, it’s been an insane time these past few weeks. Never good for mommy to be sick, which really takes away time from Ruby and really messes things up for daddy who has to pick up the pieces. I’ll get into everything below, but I thought I would share some photos and stories as Ruby hit some milestones in the last few weeks.

We start at 7 weeks for Ruby… her first pool party, which meant her first time swimming…

Just changed into our new swimsuit - can't be cute without the fringe!

It wasn’t a deep pool, nor did we spend a lot of time swimming. But surprisingly, Ruby enjoyed the water. We thought she would be cold and cry a bunch, but instead kinda looked around and questioned what it was she was doing, but then kind of just went with it. We were celebrating Gabe’s 1st birthday and a lot of fun was had. That was, until, we realized her inner suit that has a diaper built-in for swimming was cut funky and as the inner diaper expanded, it cut off circulation to her right leg. We noticed her leg turning blue, so I undressed that baby faster than I had ever done anything in my life! Both Ruby and her leg are just fine and here are some fun pictures from the day!

Daddy feeding Ruby her pre-swimming bottle. No worries... we waited a half hour before swimming to avoid cramping! 😉

Going into the water for the first time with Mommy. No tears!

Daddy has the best body heat to keep me nice and warm and makes me feel so safe in the pool!

Daddy drying Ruby off after our little circulation scare! Ah, love.

All this swimming excitement is exhausting!

Following Ruby’s 7 week old swimming adventure, we embarked on Ruby’s 8th week. There wasn’t too much excitement but a lot of hanging out as Mommy was starting to feel a bit sick. As it turns out, I was having a gallstone problem and needed to have my gallbladder removed. So we hung out, had some visitors and awaited surgery that occurred just after Ruby’s 8 week birthday.

Here we are with Claire - feeding Ruby. I used to babysit Claire when Don worked nights. She was only 1 when I started to care for her, so it's very surreal that she's old enough now to feed Ruby a bottle!

Ruby has fallen in love with her Snug-a-Bunny swing. I think it's adorable how it makes her look like a bunny, but it is literally Ruby's favorite thing to do. Swing Swing Swing!

Big eyes - loving our swing!

Sleepy Ruby in one of my favorite onesies. I purchased this for her as a coming home outfit - newborn size - unknowingly, Ruby was just so small that it took her to 8 weeks before she would fit into it!

Here are Ruby’s 2 month old pictures taken on 4.3.12. I have also compared her 1 month old pictures to her 2 month old pictures – showing her slight change in size. She’s still our tiny pea!

Louie and Lola just love Ruby!

A comparison between month 1 and month 2.

Wonder when the bird pillow will start to look small!

Between Ruby’s 8th and 9th week, I had to go in and have my gallbladder out. It was a very traumatic experience in which I had extreme pain following the procedure so I spent a night in the hospital (Monday night). I returned home on Tuesday only to develop severe fevers prompting a visit to the ER by Friday. I was admitted and told I had a bad infection requiring a 2nd surgery placing a drain tube in at the site of where the gallbladder no longer was. I switched hospitals to where Ruby was born as my surgeon at hospital #1 was out-of-town, spent Friday night in the hospital, had a number of scans on Saturday before surgery Saturday night placing the drain tube in my abdomen. I then went into a moment of psychosis – throwing blankets at doctors, shaking uncontrollably, making up bizarre stories, telling lies and putting my life at risk. I was told this was due to my temperatures of 103 for three days straight, not eating, dehydration – all on top of the medication from surgery #2. It was the worst night of my life… very embarrassing and overwhelming, so I’m not going to go into too many details.  But by Sunday I had overcome the crazy and spent Ruby’s first Easter in the hospital.

It’s very sad to me that I missed Ruby’s first Easter. Though I’m Jewish and we plan to raise Ruby Jewish, we still want her to celebrate all holidays, just like I did as a child. I hate missing any type of monumental moment in the life of Ruby – I feel like I should be there for everything. But thankfully she had family to pick up where I left off…

Grandpa Myron in town to celebrate with Ruby.

Grandma Linda in town to celebrate, as well!

With our new, pink bunny and "My First Easter" dress!

Uncle Shaun visiting with Ruby in the hospital.

Aunt Jenny flew in from NY to visit me in the hospital and spent some Easter time with Ruby and my parents.

That really wraps things up. Ruby is now 11 weeks – quickly approaching her third month, which is baffling to me at how quick time flies. Though I missed Easter and Passover, my first mother’s day is only a few weeks away. Not to mention Ruby’s cousin, Avi, will be coming in town and they’ll get to meet for the first time. I’m sure she’ll remember it all! It’s been very hard being sick, but this little girl surely gets me through anything and everything. I wish everyone could have such a perfect angel like we do.


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