3 Months and Counting

Our beautiful, sweet pea has turned a quarter of a year old on May 3rd. We’re a little behind in updating, and so much fun has been going on. So here is a little updating in the form of pictures…. we present, our 3 month old, sweet, Ruby Joon…

Our family photo at Ruby’s 3 month photo session.

Our Hazel-eyed Beauty.

Our beautiful girl.


Ruby with her “siblings”… they all love each other, they really do.

She is the best. The very best.

I love when she kicks her little legs up. She’s just started to do this – I’ll find her hanging out in her crib at night with legs up to her chin.

She changes SO much in such a little amount of time.
I cannot believe how little she was at 1 month and how big my sweet girl is now at 3!

The day after our 3 month birthday, we celebrated by an outing to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Mommy used to go there with her Daddy to feed the ducks. We didn’t see very many ducks that day since it was a little chilly out, but it was a nice, first trip to the Gardens where i will one day feed the ducks!

I’ve also been having a lot of fun playing on the floor mat – both on my back looking at the mirror (as seen here) or for tummy time. It all just makes me smile!

We’re also starting to learn how to sit up on our own – with the help of the dear old bumbo from our Auntie Mary and Uncle Bob. Notice the pretty bird pattern?! Mommy had nothing to do with that… 😉

We’ve also started to wear some of our summer dresses and boy do we have a lot! Favorite part? Eating them! Yum dress!

On Sunday, May 6th, we met up with Ruby’s cousins – Jessi, Massimo, Allison and Justine at the Shedd Aquarium. This was a favorite of mine as a kid and here is Daddy with Ruby at the Jelly exhibit.

Mommy with Ruby at the Jelly exhibit.

Cousin Jessie showing Ruby the fishies!

Baby and a gator.

Cousin Allison keeping Ruby all nice and calm!

Our family at the aquarium.

Loving my baby as we look at the fishes.

Hanging out with the penguins! Mommy’s favorite!

On May 11th, Ruby, Annie (my dear friend) and her two daughters, Madeline (2 years) and Stella (1 month) went to Lamb’s Farm. I frequented this farm as a child to feed the sheep/goats and gawk at the oversized farm animals in the middle of the suburbs. I always dreamed of the day when I would take my own child, and here I am, showing Ruby Joon what it’s all about!

One more of Ruby “petting” the goats. I will always cherish this day and the first of MANY more to come!

Madeline, Ruby’s potential BFF, checking out the goats for the first time!

Madeline checking out the sheep. I think she liked it!

On Saturday, May 12th, my sister and her family arrived in town from the East Coast and we took our first group of family pictures with the babies.

Here are Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) with Avi (my nephew) and Ruby. Pretty sure Avi is referred to as Pride and Ruby is referred to as Joy.
My parent’s Pride & Joy.

This is my family, sans significant others. Just my parents, siblings, nephew and daughter.

This used to be my immediate family before marriage and a baby.
I can’t believe how old we’ve all gotten. I can’t believe everything we’ve been through. I can’t believe how much we all still love each other. I’m a lucky girl.

Unky Shaun (my brother) with the kiddos.
I cannot put into words how much love Ruby has for “Unky” Shaun. He is so amazing with her and the bond they’ve created is something so special. I will forever be grateful to him.

Cousins. They’re a little distraught.

My parents with my nephew. I picked up the glasses before the pictures and thought they’d be hilarious. I was obviously right.

Even my dad agrees the glasses are hilarious! Oh Avi!

With my siblings. I will never outgrow loving them. Even when it’s Shaun’s fault and Jenny isn’t handling it well enough since she’s the eldest and it’s her responsibility. 😉

I love these kiddos. Even if they want out of my hands!

My sister and I with our kids.

My Ruby. And she sure is a gem.

On Sunday, May 13th, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day!

I waited 30 years to take this picture.
Okay, technically, not 30 – since at birth I didn’t know what all this was about.
But in retrospect, I have been waiting a very, very long time to be a mommy.
This day meant a lot to me. A lot.

That evening, we celebrated Mom’s Day out to dinner with my parents, siblings and their family and my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Bennett and cousins… mass chaos, per usual.

My nephew, Avi, being completely immature at dinner.

I have no idea where he learned to act like that.

Avi and I have a lot of fun together!

Unky Shaun is seriously the baby whisperer.
Thank Goodness!

Avi: “We don’t hit.”
Ruby: “I hit.”

So yeah – lots and lots have been going on. But we’ve been having fun! Friday, Ruby will have her first trip to the race track and learn about ponies with numbers! Then Saturday is her first professional baseball game. She’ll be wearing pink but cheering for the Milwaukee Brewers. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this little gem… our darling, Ruby… She loves you all… even when she’s sleeping.

Hush little baby…


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