So It’s Been a While

Understandably, we’ve been a bit busy around the Thomsen household lately. We have a sweet, four month old on our hands – in disbelief that she is in fact, almost five months! But she is the most fun yet and we’re really enjoying this four month stage.

Her four month checkup was perfect. 50th percentile for everything, in fact. She weighed in at a grand total of 13 pounds, 6 ounces. Height at 24 inches and head circumference at 40.5cm. Our perfect little chica.

She’s also been growing, as you can see above. And wearing cute outfits, such as this:

It doesn’t get any cuter people.

She’s also been rolling her tongue quite a bit. You can see video here:

Back in May (on the 19th, in fact) we took Ruby to her first baseball game – the Milwaukee Brewers. Yes, this sweet girl is going to be raised anti-Cubs with her mommy as a Sox fan and her daddy as a member of the Brew Crew. I think she enjoyed her first game – or at least the people around us had fun with her!

Exhausted from all the fun (and heat!)



She’s just a little upset because she’s facing the opposite direction than her boyfriend who’s up to bat (Braun).


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