So Much to Keep Up With

Our darling Ruby is in her sixth month. Six months! Half a year! Anyone else feel like time is flying, or is that just us? We mostly skipped posting much of Ruby’s 5th month, so though we have her 6 month pics to share in our next post (professional pics this weekend), here is all the glamour of Ruby’s 5th month…

First 4th of July – spent at US Cellular Field for her first White Sox game and fireworks!

The three of us. Before heading the game. Loved the fireworks that night… Ruby just sat there and gazed in amazement.

Here Ruby is, swinging for the first time.

Mommy giving her a big ole push.

Discovering the Exersaucer for the first time and loving it!

Crazy Fun!


On August 4th, we took Ruby to the WI State Fair for her first experience with the farm animals, Herb Kohl Milk Stand, Cream Puffs and watching her Daddy down everything he could set his eyes ON. I’m not sayin’, but I’m kinda sayin’. 😉

Mmm… cream puff!

With the chickadees.

With the cows that match her carseat!

Aw, love.

Mommy’s dear friend, Annie, came with her family too. We had SO much fun!

Hanging by the cream puff station!

And now all tuckered out!

That same night, I came home to have my first “real food” feeding in my big girl highchair. Can’t you see how excited I am?!


So fun!

My very first taste of a non-bottle!

All done!

And that’s it for now… more soon!


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