A Story of a Skirt Set

In my last month of pregnancy, I suffered from a weird form of “crazy, but not so crazy” anxiety of giving birth. Knowing that I have a blood-clot disorder, my only imagination of birth would be that of me dying. My mom, the all mighty power of knowing all, calmed my crazy nerves by telling me simply, “Imagine your future daughter in an outfit and see her moving around, giggling, and you will get through this fear.”

So I did. I imagined sweet Ruby in a pink rosette skirt that is attached to a pair of leggings that a certain family member of mine had showed me while we skyped. It was just a matter of timing. My mom told me to imagine baby in an outfit and this other family member happened to show me what she bought baby to gift me after Ruby was born on that same day. So it was that skirt set that got me through my nerves and pushed me through labor and delivery without the fear of dying. And, well, as you know, I didn’t die. Ha.

It was unfortunate though, that the family member who I skyped with and showed me what I was to expect as a gift, didn’t, in fact, send me the skirt/pant set. She decided to gift it to someone else, without realizing the impact it had on my mindframe. Of course I was disappointed. So disappointed, that Don went on a shopping haywire to locate this outdated skirt from a shopping season that had passed, only to get me this meaningful image I had always imagined.

And he found it. On SUPER sale because it was the LAST one available at 1 of the thousands of stores it could possibly be at. It was luck. It was meant to be. And we had it for our sweet Ruby, without relying on someone we should have been able to rely on.

Today, Ruby fit perfectly into this sweet, rosette skirt/leggings set. And man, is she beautiful. All I’ve heard are giggles, all I’ve seen are smiles and I know that the image I created in my mind of her in this beautiful skirt set is NOTHING compared to how beautiful she is in it in person. I’m such a lucky momma. How could you not love such a beauty:




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