Eight months today. Crazy eight. Who knew how much happiness this little girl could provide us? I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s common to have a good first baby and if all parent’s had their second baby first, they would never have a second. Being that I’m a middle child, I disagree… However, Ruby is quite amazing as the first born and such a beautiful, sweet little girl. We are blessed.

Taken on the morning of her 8 month birthday.

Ruby has been growing up to be such a beautiful, little girl. She has been starting to scoot around the house, not quite crawl but almost rolls/scoots herself to get something. Like the dog food. Thankfully none has landed in her mouth… yet! She’s started to feed herself – holds her bottle up and eats her mums (cracker/wafer life rice snacks) by herself. We have just taught her how to wave hi and she still pretty much masters “dada” though she will mock you when you say things like “woah” or “hi”. If only I could get her to say momma! She will lay anywhere and just roll her tongue/lips to make any noise she can make.

We have also gotten down our routine to a point where she sleeps through the night! I never thought the day would come… she goes down around 10 and will sleep solid until 5:15 on the dot. Then she gets a bottle and goes right back to sleep until I wake up around 7:15 to her playing in her crib. She has figured out how to turn on her motion picture maker hanging on the crib and will make her stuffed animals turn on (those that play music). We have even found her snuggling them in the middle of the night. It’s too much for me… all that cuteness to take in!

Bath time has gotten more fun… we play with our toys and she splashes around. She’s in the big girl tub now… finally outgrown the baby tub and has decided that we are only allowed to wash her if she gets the whole big tub to herself with her toys.

And she’s also made some decisions on the teams to cheer for. And this season, it’s official for who she’s cheering for, as seen in our last post. I’m sure Daddy had nothing to do with it!

We’re keeping super busy – both mommy and daddy have been working hard, so when that someone said it takes a village to raise a child, “they” were not joking. Team Thomsen we like to call it. Daddy even had a night of her all to himself while Mommy was traveling for work. And we have tons of help and Ruby is so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love her. Unplanned, it seems we’ve been going to WI on a weekly basis so Grandma and Grandpa Thomsen get to watch her grow, who can’t seem to get enough of her! We’re also starting to plan Ruby’s first vacation for the winter. Lots on the table – all exciting.

So with that said, lots of smiles on our faces, thanks to this ray of sunlight. Eight months have gone by too fast.  But they are the 8 months we have been so thankful for and are now looking forward to Ruby’s many firsts – first Halloween (ooh, her costume is TOO cute), first Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then vacation then her birthday. Just can’t wait! More to come…


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