Halloween Part One

This past weekend was the beginning of Ruby’s Halloween celebrations. Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch with her grandma Linda and grandpa Myron. She had SUCH fun – always smiling and enduring the cold for the excitement that is a holiday filled with the receiving of candy. We all know this year Daddy will handle that for her, but in the meantime, it was a LOT of fun.

Sitting on the same haystack Don and I sat on with a six week old Louie – this time with our daughter. Sigh.

Mommy going down the “rabbit hole”


Then today, we took Ruby to watch Claire (a little girl I used to babysit) play in her Halloween piano recital. It was too cute – the kids all dressed up and Ruby was loving the music. Here’s Ruby hanging out with her future babysitter, Claire..

Following the recital we had a “family” Sunday night dinner with Roxanne, her husband Darrell and the kids at her mom, Nancy’s house. She made a beautiful toast over a fancy meal about “the addition of a daughter in need of a mother”. I welled with tears. Friends are certainly family and we are certainly lucky to have the family who truly love us and the friends who truly love us as family.

Now we wait to part deux – Ruby dressed up as…. any guesses?!?! 😉



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