Little Bunny Ru Ru

So yesterday (though I haven’t slept yet, so it still feels like today) was Ruby Joon’s first Halloween. Another significantly happy moment in her mommy and daddy’s eyes. We didn’t do much in the way of celebrating, other than carving some pumpkins and dressing her up. But it meant a lot. I remember over six years ago, Don and I went to a little one of those pop up Halloween stores to scope out costumes for a Halloween party – the ones most twenty somethings go to to simply look slutty (if you’re a girl) or like a superhero (if you’re a guy). Well as we were leaving the store we saw this entire rack of baby Halloween costumes and it simply took my breath away. It was like seeing a puppy – you just had to say “awww…” And that’s when Don looked at me and said, “you know, if we start to try now, we can have one by next Halloween!” Oh, the humor…

So it wasn’t the next Halloween. Or the four after that. But it was this year. This year we had sweet Ruby dressed as a little pink bunny with carrot rattle. Her name? Lil Bunny Ru Ru. Here are too many pics…

Getting ready for the big day!

Daddy love!

Don’s pumpkin: “Ruby’s 1st Halloween”

My attempt of doing a cutout of Ruby’s baby face with rabbit ears saying “Lil Bunny Ru Ru”

One of the many, many faces she had today…

Meeting with her besties – Stella and Madeline

Plotting their trick or treat trades in advance!

Daddy went as Flava Flav for Halloween (and won a contest)… gold teeth and all..

Love my baby girl!






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