13 Months

Floral centerpieces

Floral centerpieces

Room before the party!

Room before the party!

Today, on her 13th month birthday, Ruby started to crawl. This is an exciting time in a child’s life – exploration and all things one can get her little hands on. But I suppose this is just as equally exciting for us as parents. I can finally stop stressing about why our little girl just didn’t want to get her move on. I never stopped to think that she would – just on her own time. As a dear friend who understands said to me, My mom always said, you never point to a preschooler and say, “Oh, well, obviously, she crawled early.” Exactly.

With that said, thought I would share last month’s first birthday pictures. Such a GREAT day, great celebration and felt A LOT of love. Love my sweet, Ruby.


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