LBT the Second

Yesterday we were lucky enough to see LittleBabyThomsen2 – he/she is growing and looking great! I’ve never seen a baby move so much. When we were expecting Ruby we had to take weekly non-stress tests, which is just being hooked up to a baby monitor and tracking baby’s heart rate during big movements. But Ruby consistently failed, which is a cause of concern and I would have to do ultrasounds instead and each week, hope for the best. Ruby just NEVER moved. But this baby was going absolutely crazy – twisting and turning and waving it’s arms and kicking it’s legs. It was hilarious. Or, at least I find it funny now until I can actually feel it!

Here’s the baby’s most recent beauty shot:


Our next appointment is at the end of this month and that’s when we’ll find out gender – so long as he/she cooperates.

I’ve started in on the cravings. They’re all over the place. I went to the grocery store today to buy a few ingredients to make tacos for dinner and spent $150 on way too many things we didn’t need. But tonight my cravings were crudité (which I inhaled) and now I’m enjoying some yogurt and granola. I couldn’t tell you the last time I said “hmm… I think I’ll have some veggies and then kashi with yogurt.” This is a new one!

We’ve also started to get Ruby excited for a baby… she gets so excited when she sees babies on the computer or tv and says “bay-bay”… she’s going to be the BEST big sister. Just look at her! Almost 15 months now!




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